Curated Sequences

Genus: Allexivirus

Type member: Shallot virus X

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Garlic virus A (GarV-A)
ab010300Complete sequence
af4781973'-end including coat protein and NABP, Korean isolate
jn0198123'-half (4.4 kb), Australian isolate Bate1
jq899444Complete sequence, Australian isolate SW3.1A
jq8994465.9kb to 3'-terminus, Australian isolate SW3.1B
x98991Coat protein, Argentine isolate

Garlic virus B (GarV-B)
ab0103013'-end including partial polymerase and ORFs 2-6
af5438293'-end, including coat protein and NABP, Korean isolate
ef596816Partial polymerase and TGBp1, South Korean isolate
jn0198133'-half (4.9 kb), Australian isolate Bate1

Garlic virus C (GarV-C)
ab010302Complete sequence
d494433'-end including ORF4, coat protein and NABP, mite-borne mosaic isolate
hm777004Coat protein, Argentine isolate
jn0198147.7 kb to 3'-terminus, Australian isolate Bate1
jq899447Complete sequence, Australian isolate SW3.3A
jq899448Complete sequence, Australian isolate SW3.3B

Garlic virus D (GarV-D)
ab0103033'-end including partial polymerase and ORFs 2-6
af5195723'-end including coat protein and NABP, Korean isolate
jn0198152.9 kb to 3'-terminus, Australian isolate Bate1
l388923'-end including ORF4, coat protein and NABP, UK garlic isolate

Garlic virus E (GarV-E)
aj292230Complete sequence, Chinese Yuhang isolate

Garlic virus X (GarV-X)
aj292229Complete sequence, Chinese Yuhang isolate
gq475424Coat protein, Italian isolate 267-GVX1
gq475425Coat protein, Italian isolate 405-GVX1
gq475426Coat protein, Italian isolate 407-GVX1
hq822272Coat protein, Indian Delhi isolate
hq873807Coat protein, Italian isolate 410-GVX2
hq873808Coat protein, USA:California isolate 279-GVX6
hq873809Coat protein, USA:California isolate 276-GVX6
hq873810Coat protein, Chinese isolate 424-GVX4
hq873811Coat protein, USA:California isolate 415-GVX3
hq873812Coat protein, USA:California isolate 277-GVX6
hq873813Coat protein, Italian isolate 254-GVX2
hq873814Coat protein, Italian isolate 253-GVX2
hq873815Coat protein, Chinese isolate 420-GVX4
hq873816Coat protein, Italian isolate 413-GVX2
hq873817Coat protein, USA:California isolate 418-GVX3
hq873818Coat protein, USA:California isolate 416-GVX3
hq873819Coat protein, Italian isolate 408-GVX1
hq873820Coat protein, Chinese isolate 422-GVX4
hq873821Coat protein, Italian isolate 406-GVX1
hq873822Coat protein, USA:California isolate 417-GVX3
hq873823Coat protein, USA:California isolate 427-GVX6
hq873824Coat protein, USA:California isolate 419-GVX3
hq873825Coat protein, USA:California isolate 425-GVX6
hq873826Coat protein, Chinese isolate 423-GVX4
hq873827Coat protein, USA:California isolate 278-GVX6
hq873828Coat protein, USA:California isolate 275-GVX6
hq873829Coat protein, USA:California isolate 259-GVX3
hq873830Coat protein, Italian isolate 266-GVX1
hq873831Coat protein, Italian isolate 268-GVX1
hq873832Coat protein, Italian isolate 412-GVX2
hq873833Coat protein, Italian isolate 256-GVX2
hq873834Coat protein, Italian isolate 265-GVX1
hq873835Coat protein, Italian isolate 269-GVX1
hq873836Coat protein, USA:California isolate 261-GVX3
hq873837Coat protein, USA:California isolate 260-GVX3
hq873838Coat protein, Italian isolate 257-GVX2
hq873839Coat protein, USA:California isolate 428-GVX6
hq873840Coat protein, Chinese isolate 273-GVX4
hq873841Coat protein, Chinese isolate 272-GVX4
hq873842Coat protein, Italian isolate 255-GVX2
hq873843Coat protein, USA:California isolate 262-GVX3
hq873844Coat protein region, USA:California isolate 258-GVX3
hq873845Coat protein, USA:California isolate 426-GVX6
hq873846Coat protein, Chinese isolate 270-GVX4
hq873847Coat protein, Chinese isolate 271-GVX4
hq873848Coat protein, Italian isolate 409-GVX1
hq873849Coat protein, Chinese isolate 421-GVX4
hq873850Coat protein, Italian isolate 411-GVX2
hq873851Coat protein, Chinese isolate 274-GVX4
jq807994Complete sequence, Australian isolate SW3
jq8994497 kb, including polymerase, TGBp1, TGBp2 and most of ORF4, Australian isolate SW3.4A
u89243Complete sequence, Korea

Shallot virus X (ShVX)
eu835196Coat protein, Netherlands shallot mite-borne latent virus isolate IPO-DLO
eu835197Coat protein, New Zealand isolate
gq2683223'-end including coat protein and NABP, Indian Dindugal isolate
jx310755Complete sequence, Russian isolate
l762923'-end including ORF4, coat protein and NABP, 1995 isolate
m97264Complete sequence