Curated Sequences

Genus: Hostuviroid

Type member: Hop stunt viroid

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Citrus gummy bark viroid ()
fj984562Complete sequence, Egyptian cachexia strain

Hop stunt viroid (HSVd)
ab039265Complete sequence, isolate hFK82
ab039266Complete sequence, isolate hAIw36
ab039267Complete sequence, isolate hAIw36-5
ab039268Complete sequence, isolate hKIw
ab039269Complete sequence, isolate hSIw
ab039270Complete sequence, isolate hAIw5
ab039271Complete sequence, isolate hKFKi
ab039272Complete sequence, isolate hKF82-4
ab054605Complete sequence, variant AB2
ab054606Complete sequence, variant AD1
ab054607Complete sequence, variant BF
ab054608Complete sequence, variant E120P8
ab054609Complete sequence, variant E127
ab054610Complete sequence, variant E180
ab054611Complete sequence, variant FA
ab054612Complete sequence, variant FO
ab054613Complete sequence, variant MA
ab054614Complete sequence, variant MK
ab054615Complete sequence, variant WS1
ab054616Complete sequence, variant WS2
ab054617Complete sequence, variant 10SA1-IW1
ab054618Complete sequence, variant 10SA1-IW2
ab055634Complete sequence, variant AD2
ab098500Complete sequence, Dapple plum isolate FP1
ab098501Complete sequence, Dapple plum isolate FP3
ab098502Complete sequence, Dapple plum isolate FP2
ab211242Complete sequence, Japanese citrus isolate EX1
ab211243Complete sequence, Japanese citrus isolate KS14
ab219942Complete sequence, Chinese grapevine isolate 02-4-2
ab219943Complete sequence, Chinese grapevine isolate 02-4-4
ab219944Complete sequence, Chinese grapevine isolate 02-4-5
ab219945Complete sequence, Chinese grapevine isolate 03-2-6
ab219946Complete sequence, Chinese grapevine isolate 03-2-7
ab219947Complete sequence, Chinese grapevine isolate 03-2-8
ab742224Complete sequence, Indian isolate Ind-1
ab742225Complete sequence, Indian isolate Ind-2
af100641Complete sequence, isolate Kh
af131248Complete sequence, isolate CVdIIa, E819
af131249Complete sequence, isolate CVdIIb, Ca902
af131250Complete sequence, isolate CVdIIc, Ca905
af131251Complete sequence, isolate Ca903
af131252Complete sequence, isolate Ca909
af213483Complete sequence, isolate Citrus cachexia: X-701-M
af213484Complete sequence, isolate Citrus cachexia: X-701-1
af213485Complete sequence, isolate Citrus cachexia: X-701-2
af213486Complete sequence, isolate Citrus cachexia: X-701-3
af213487Complete sequence, isolate Citrus cachexia: X-704-M
af213488Complete sequence, isolate Citrus cachexia: X-704-1
af213489Complete sequence, isolate Citrus cachexia: X-704-2
af213490Complete sequence, isolate Citrus cachexia: X-704-3
af213491Complete sequence, isolate Citrus cachexia: X-707-M
af213492Complete sequence, isolate Citrus cachexia: X-707-1
af213493Complete sequence, isolate Citrus cachexia: X-707-2
af213494Complete sequence, isolate Citrus cachexia: X-707-3
af213495Complete sequence, isolate Citrus cachexia: X-707-4
af213496Complete sequence, isolate Citrus cachexia: X-712-M
af213497Complete sequence, isolate Citrus cachexia: X-712-1
af213498Complete sequence, isolate Citrus cachexia: X-712-2
af213499Complete sequence, isolate Citrus cachexia: X-712-3
af213500Complete sequence, isolate Citrus cachexia: X-715-M
af213501Complete sequence, isolate Citrus cachexia: X-715-1
af213502Complete sequence, isolate Citrus cachexia: X-715-2
af213503Complete sequence, isolate CVd-IIa (117)
af359270Complete sequence, isolate CVdIb 2uy
af359271Complete sequence, isolate CVdIb 3uy
af359272Complete sequence, isolate CVdIb 5uy
af359273Complete sequence, isolate CVdIb 10uy
af359274Complete sequence, isolate CVdIIA 10uy
af359275Complete sequence, isolate CVdIIA 11uy
af359276Complete sequence, isolate CVdIIa 17uy
af416554Complete sequence, isolate CVdIIa 54-2-1
af416555Complete sequence, isolate CVdIIa 54-2-2
af416556Complete sequence, isolate CVdIIa 205-2-4
af416557Complete sequence, isolate CVdIIa 205-2-1
af434679Complete sequence
af517563Complete sequence, citrus yellow corky vein viroid A
aj011813Complete sequence, isolate alm1
aj011814Complete sequence, isolate alm2
aj297825Complete sequence, isolate apr9
aj297826Complete sequence, isolate apr10
aj297827Complete sequence, isolate apr11
aj297828Complete sequence, isolate apr12
aj297829Complete sequence, isolate apr13
aj297830Complete sequence, isolate apr14
aj297831Complete sequence, isolate apr15
aj297832Complete sequence, isolate apr16
aj297833Complete sequence, isolate apr17
aj297834Complete sequence, isolate apr18
aj297835Complete sequence, isolate apr19
aj297836Complete sequence, isolate apr20
aj297837Complete sequence, isolate apr21
aj297838Complete sequence, isolate apr22
aj297839Complete sequence, isolate apr23
aj297840Complete sequence, isolate apr24
aj490824Complete sequence, Indian yellow corky vein strain
ay143167Complete sequence, clone cl1
ay143168Complete sequence, clone cl2
ay143169Complete sequence, clone cl4
ay143170Complete sequence, clone cl3
ay189685Complete sequence, variant WP
ay237168Complete sequence, rough lemon isolate RL
ay379533Complete sequence, Isolate PM-26x clone 26x-c18
ay379534Complete sequence, Isolate PM-26x clone 26x-c26
ay379535Complete sequence, Isolate PM-26x clone 26x-c23
ay379536Complete sequence, Isolate PM-26x clone 26x-c29
ay379537Complete sequence, Isolate PM-26x clone 26x-c13
ay379538Complete sequence, Isolate PM-26x clone 26x-c22
ay379539Complete sequence, Isolate PM-26x clone 26x-c45
ay379540Complete sequence, Isolate PM-26x clone 26x-c2
ay379541Complete sequence, Isolate PM-26x clone 26x-c19
ay425170Complete sequence, South Korean isolate Whang
ay425171Complete sequence, South Korean isolate Jabong
ay460201Complete sequence, Italian Ring Pox isolate
ay460202Complete sequence, Italian dapple plum fruit isolate
ay513267Complete sequence, Egyptian Citrus cachexia isolate
ay532933Complete sequence, Citrus cachexia isolate ISA 4-CT-I
ay532934Complete sequence, isolate ISA 5-CT-I
ay532935Complete sequence, isolate ISA 6-SR-I
ay536521Complete sequence, isolate ISA 7 RC-I
ay594200Complete sequence, Cuban citrus isolate 26x-l22m
ay594201Complete sequence, Cuban citrus isolate 26x-l4
ay594202Complete sequence, Cuban citrus isolate 26X-l12
ay594203Complete sequence, Cuban citrus isolate 26X-l33
ay594204Complete sequence, Cuban citrus isolate 26X-l11m
ay594205Complete sequence, Cuban citrus isolate cl-c3
ay594206Complete sequence, Cuban citrus isolate cl-c25
ay594207Complete sequence, Cuban citrus isolate cl-c19
ay594208Complete sequence, Cuban citrus isolate cl-c37
ay594209Complete sequence, Cuban citrus isolate cl-c51
ay735991Complete sequence, Cuban citrus isolate PM-26X, clone 26x-p26
ay735992Complete sequence, Cuban citrus isolate PM-26X, clone 26x-p35
ay735993Complete sequence, Cuban citrus isolate PM-26X, clone 26x-p44
ay735994Complete sequence, Cuban citrus isolate PM-26X, clone 26x-p3
d13764Complete sequence, plum and peach dapple fruit isolate
d13765Complete sequence, peach dapple fruit isolate
dq014514Complete sequence, Cuban isolate 26x-c11
dq014515Complete sequence, Cuban isolate 26x-c33
dq014516Complete sequence, Cuban isolate 26x-c10
dq014517Complete sequence, Cuban isolate 26x-l28
dq023269Complete sequence, Thailand isolate
dq323934Complete sequence, Mexican citrus isolate
dq362900Complete sequence, Chinese clone 1aHSVd11-1
dq362901Complete sequence, Chinese clone X5HSVd11-1
dq362902Complete sequence, Chinese clone 1aHSVd11-2
dq362903Complete sequence, Chinese clone 1aHSVd11-3
dq362904Complete sequence, Chinese clone X5HSVd11-2
dq362905Complete sequence, Chinese clone X5HSVd11-4
dq371432Complete sequence, Chinese clone 3HSVd2-3
dq371433Complete sequence, Chinese clone 3HSVd2-14
dq371434Complete sequence, Chinese clone 4HSVd2-2
dq371435Complete sequence, Chinese clone 3HSVd2-11
dq371436Complete sequence, Chinese clone 5HSVd2-9
dq371437Complete sequence, Chinese clone 5HSVd2-10
dq371438Complete sequence, Chinese clone 7HSVd2-2
dq371439Complete sequence, Chinese clone 7HSVd2-4
dq371440Complete sequence, Chinese clone 10HSVd2-6
dq371441Complete sequence, Chinese clone 11HSVd2-5
dq371442Complete sequence, Chinese clone 11HSVd2-7
dq371443Complete sequence, Chinese clone 31HSVd2-1
dq371444Complete sequence, Chinese clone 31HSVd2-2
dq371445Complete sequence, Chinese clone 48HSVd2-12
dq371446Complete sequence, Chinese clone 62HSVd2-4
dq371447Complete sequence, Chinese clone 67HSVd2-1
dq371448Complete sequence, Chinese clone 67HSVd2-3
dq371449Complete sequence, Chinese clone 67HSVd2-6
dq371450Complete sequence, Chinese clone 67HSVd 2-8
dq371451Complete sequence, Chinese clone He HSVd2-6
dq371452Complete sequence, Chinese clone He HSVd2-2
dq371453Complete sequence, Chinese clone He HSVd2-3
dq371454Complete sequence, Chinese clone He HSVd2-9
dq371455Complete sequence, Chinese clone He HSVd2-1
dq371456Complete sequence, Chinese clone Tu HSVd 1-13
dq371457Complete sequence, Chinese clone Tu HSVd 1-18
dq371458Complete sequence, Chinese clone Tu HSVd 1-16
dq371459Complete sequence, Chinese clone Tu HSVd 2-7
dq444475Complete sequence, Brazilian isolate HCSC10
dq444476Complete sequence, Brazilian isolate HNiagD08
dq471997Complete sequence, Brazilian grapevine isolate HCSC01
dq471998Complete sequence, Brazilian grapevine isolate HCSC08
dq648600Complete sequence, Chinese plum clone L5HSvdP11-1
dq648601Complete sequence, Chinese plum clone L5HSvdP11-10
ef076818Complete sequence, clone 5 hsvdp11-1
ef076819Complete sequence, clone 5 hsvdp11-2
ef076820Complete sequence, clone xz17 hsvdp11-2
ef076821Complete sequence, clone xz17 hsvdp11-3
ef076822Complete sequence, clone lz6 hsvdp11-5
ef076823Complete sequence, clone lz6 hsvdp11-6
ef076824Complete sequence, clone lz6 hsvdp11-8
ef076825Complete sequence, clone lz6 hsvdp11-9
ef076826Complete sequence, clone lz16 hsvdp11-1
ef076827Complete sequence, clone lz16 hsvdp11-6
ef076828Complete sequence, clone lz16 hsvdp11-7
ef076829Complete sequence, clone lz16 hsvdp11-8
ef076830Complete sequence, clone lz16 hsvdp11-9
ef076831Complete sequence, clone lz21 hsvdp11-6
ef076832Complete sequence, clone lz21 hsvdp11-7
ef076833Complete sequence, clone lz21 hsvdp11-9
ef076834Complete sequence, clone lz21 hsvdp11-14
ef076835Complete sequence, clone lz21 hsvdp11-24
ef080841Complete sequence, Chinese isolate clone 4aHSVd11-5
ef080842Complete sequence, Chinese isolate clone 4aHSVd11-2
ef080843Complete sequence, Chinese isolate clone 4aHSVd11-6
ef080844Complete sequence, Chinese isolate clone 5aHSVd11-1
ef080845Complete sequence, Chinese isolate clone 5aHSVd11-2
ef080846Complete sequence, Chinese isolate clone 6aHSVd11-1
ef080847Complete sequence, Chinese isolate clone 6aHSVd11-2
ef080848Complete sequence, Chinese isolate clone 6aHSVd11-4
ef080849Complete sequence, Chinese isolate clone 6aHSVd11-5
ef080850Complete sequence, Chinese isolate clone t19HSVd11-5
ef080851Complete sequence, Chinese isolate clone t19HSVd11-6
ef080852Complete sequence, Chinese isolate clone t42HSVd11-5
ef080853Complete sequence, Chinese isolate clone t48HSVd11-1
ef080854Complete sequence, Chinese isolate clone t48HSVd11-2
ef080855Complete sequence, Chinese isolate clone t48HSVd11-4
ef080856Complete sequence, Chinese isolate clone tz18HSVd11-3
ef080857Complete sequence, Chinese isolate clone tz18HSVd11-1
ef080858Complete sequence, Chinese isolate clone tz6HSVd11-5
ef080859Complete sequence, Chinese isolate clone tz6HSVd11-4
ef126046Complete sequence, Iranian isolate UMCX1
ef151290Complete sequence, Serbian isolate HSVd.56
ef151291Complete sequence, Serbian isolate HSVd.427
ef186992Complete sequence, Iranian isolate LMSX2
ef523825Complete sequence, Turkish isolate PE73
ef523826Complete sequence, Turkish isolate AP1
ef523827Complete sequence, Turkish isolate AP23
ef523828Complete sequence, Turkish isolate PL49
ef523829Complete sequence, Turkish isolate PL278
eu104682Complete sequence, Chinese isolate GZ-1
eu131154Complete sequence, Chinese isolate CVd II HN-01
eu131155Complete sequence, Chinese isolate CVd II HN-02
eu131156Complete sequence, Chinese isolate CVd II HN-03
eu365348Complete sequence, Chinese Xinjiang clone 2hsvdh2-1
eu365349Complete sequence, Chinese Xinjiang clone 2hsvdh2-2
eu365350Complete sequence, Chinese Xinjiang clone 2hsvdh2-3
eu365351Complete sequence, Chinese Xinjiang clone 2hsvdh2-6
eu365352Complete sequence, Chinese Xinjiang clone 2hsvdh2-4
eu365353Complete sequence, Chinese Xinjiang clone 2hsvdh2-7
eu365354Complete sequence, Chinese Xinjiang clone 3hsvdh3-4
eu365355Complete sequence, Chinese Xinjiang clone 3hsvdh3-5
eu365356Complete sequence, Chinese Xinjiang clone 5hsvdh5-1
eu365357Complete sequence, Chinese Xinjiang clone 5hsvdh5-2
eu365358Complete sequence, Chinese Xinjiang clone 5hsvdh5-3
eu382208Complete sequence, Chongqing isolate CQ, clone 1
eu382209Complete sequence, Chongqing isolate CQ, clone 2
eu382210Complete sequence, Chongqing isolate CQ, clone 3
eu519454Complete sequence, Colombian isolate Tahiti lime 1
eu519455Complete sequence, Colombian isolate Tahiti lime 2
eu519456Complete sequence, Colombian isolate Tahiti lime 3
eu519457Complete sequence, Colombian isolate Tahiti lime 4
eu519458Complete sequence, Colombian isolate Tahiti lime 5
eu519459Complete sequence, Colombian isolate Tahiti lime 6
eu519460Complete sequence, Colombian isolate Tahiti lime 7
eu559703Complete sequence, isolate Tahiti lime 5
eu559704Complete sequence, isolate Tahiti lime 7
eu559705Complete sequence, isolate Tahiti lime 8
eu559706Complete sequence, isolate Tahiti lime 11
eu564186Complete sequence, Nepal isolate soV1
eu564187Complete sequence, Nepal isolate soR2
eu564188Complete sequence, Nepal isolate soWn3
eu647233Complete sequence, Iranian isolate sh-ay-01
eu872277Complete sequence, Spanish isolate E-117
eu925588Complete sequence, Greek isolate 580
eu925589Complete sequence, Greek isolate 570
eu925590Complete sequence, Greek isolate 391a
eu925591Complete sequence, Greek isolate 676
eu931255Complete sequence, Sudan grapefruit isolate HSVd-IIb (814-1)
eu931256Complete sequence, Sudan grapefruit isolate HSVd-IIa (815-11)
eu931257Complete sequence, Sudan grapefruit isolate HSVd-IIa (815-3an)
eu931258Complete sequence, Sudan grapefruit isolate HSVd-IIa (816-8)
eu931259Complete sequence, Sudan grapefruit isolate HSVd-IIc (816-7)
eu931260Complete sequence, Sudan sweet orange isolate HSVd-IIa (817)
eu937524Complete sequence, Chinese Shanxi clone alm426
eu937525Complete sequence, Chinese clone alm1261
fj004236Complete sequence, Sudanese clone 8153
fj004237Complete sequence, Sudanese clone 8164
fj446479Complete sequence, Chinese Weiyuan isolate SC , clone 1
fj446480Complete sequence, Chinese Weiyuan isolate SC , clone 2
fj446481Complete sequence, Chinese Weiyuan isolate SC , clone 3
fj465506Complete sequence, Iranian yellow corky vein strain
fj465507Complete sequence, Iranian split bark strain
fj626867Complete sequence, Iranian isolate e
fj626868Complete sequence, Iranian isolate f
fj716170Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-A isolate 1
fj716171Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-A isolate 2
fj716172Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-A isolate 3
fj716173Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-A isolate 4
fj716174Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-A isolate 5
fj716175Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-A isolate 6
fj716176Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-B isolate 1
fj716177Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-B isolate 2
fj716178Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-B isolate 3
fj716179Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-B isolate 4
fj716180Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-B isolate 5
fj716181Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-B isolate 6
fj716182Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-C isolate 1
fj716183Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-C isolate 2
fj716184Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-C isolate 3
fj716185Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-C isolate 4
fj716186Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-C isolate 5
fj716187Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-C isolate 6
fj716188Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-D isolate 1
fj716189Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-D isolate 2
fj716190Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-D isolate 3
fj716191Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-D isolate 4
fj716192Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-D isolate 5
fj716193Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-D isolate 6
fj716194Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-E isolate 1
fj716195Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-E isolate 2
fj716196Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-E isolate 3
fj716197Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-E isolate 4
fj716198Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-E isolate 5
fj716199Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-E isolate 6
fj716200Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-F isolate 1
fj716201Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-F isolate 2
fj716202Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-F isolate 3
fj716203Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-F isolate 4
fj716204Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-F isolate 5
fj716205Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-F isolate 6
fj716206Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-G isolate 1
fj716207Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-G isolate 2
fj716208Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-G isolate 3
fj716209Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-G isolate 4
fj716210Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-G isolate 5
fj716211Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-G isolate 6
fj716212Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-H isolate 1
fj716213Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-H isolate 2
fj716214Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-H isolate 3
fj716215Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-H isolate 4
fj716216Complete sequence, Chinese strain CC-H isolate 5
fj771011Complete sequence, Chinese Shanxi clone J2
fj771012Complete sequence, Chinese Shanxi clone J1
fj771013Complete sequence, Chinese Shanxi clone J3
fj771014Complete sequence, Chinese Shanxi clone J4
fj771015Complete sequence, Chinese Shanxi clone J5
fj771016Complete sequence, Chinese Shanxi clone J6
fj771017Complete sequence, Chinese Shanxi clone J7
fj771018Complete sequence, Chinese Shanxi clone J8
fj771019Complete sequence, Chinese Shanxi clone J9
fj771020Complete sequence, Chinese Hebei clone J10
fj771021Complete sequence, Chinese Hebei clone J11
fj771022Complete sequence, Chinese Hebei clone J12
fj771023Complete sequence, Chinese Hebei clone J13
fj773268Complete sequence, Pakistan clone A2-2-1
fj773269Complete sequence, Pakistan clone A2-2-5
fj773270Complete sequence, Pakistan clone A35-2-1
fj773271Complete sequence, Pakistan clone A35-2-3
fj773272Complete sequence, Pakistan clone A35-2-4
fj773273Complete sequence, Pakistan clone A35-2-5
fj974075Complete sequence, Greek clone Jena
fj974076Complete sequence, Greek clone Voras
fj974077Complete sequence, Greek clone Konstantinos
fj974078Complete sequence, Greek clone Demetra
fj974079Complete sequence, Greek isolate Kernitsa-327
fj974080Complete sequence, Greek clone Paiko
fj974081Complete sequence, Greek clone Pinovo
fr865476Complete sequence, Lebanese isolate Mor4
fr865477Complete sequence, Lebanese isolate Mor9
fr865478Complete sequence, Italian isolate Mor17
fr865479Complete sequence, Italian isolate Mor24
fr865480Complete sequence, Italian isolate Mor61
gq246198Complete sequence, Spanish isolate IIaS1S3
gq246199Complete sequence, Spanish isolate IIaS4
gq246200Complete sequence, Spanish isolate IIbS2
gq246201Complete sequence, Spanish isolate IIcS2
gq249348Complete sequence, Greek isolate Aridaia-570
gq254645Complete sequence, Spanish isolate IIcS1
gq260203Complete sequence, Iranian isolate IIaI22
gq260204Complete sequence, Iranian isolate IIaI4
gq260205Complete sequence, Iranian isolate IIbI2
gq260206Complete sequence, Iranian isolate IIbI1
gq260207Complete sequence, Iranian isolate IIaI14
gq260208Complete sequence, Iranian isolate IIaI3
gq260209Complete sequence, Iranian isolate IIcI4
gq923783Complete sequence, Iranian isolate IIbI13
gq923784Complete sequence, Iranian isolate IIcI914
gq995464Complete sequence, Hungarian clone PN.9
gq995465Complete sequence, Hungarian clone PN.11
gq995466Complete sequence, Hungarian clone PN.12
gu825967Complete sequence, Tunisian clone HSVd1.7
gu825977Complete sequence, Tunisian clone HSVd_2.7
gu825978Complete sequence, Tunisian clone HSVd1.5
gu825979Complete sequence, Tunisian clone HSVd2.6
he575344Complete sequence, Slovenian clone 3590
he575345Complete sequence, Slovenian clone 3591
he575346Complete sequence, Slovenian clone 3593
he575347Complete sequence, Slovenian clone 3643
he662802Complete sequence, Lebanese isolate A1
he662803Complete sequence, Lebanese fig isolate B1
he662804Complete sequence, Lebanese fig isolate B2
he662805Complete sequence, Lebanese fig isolate C5
he662806Complete sequence, Lebanese fig isolate D1
he662807Complete sequence, Syrian fig isolate F4
he662808Complete sequence, Syrian fig isolate G2
he662809Complete sequence, Syrian fig isolate H8
he662810Complete sequence, Syrian fig isolate I3
he662811Complete sequence, Syrian fig isolate J4
he662812Complete sequence, Syrian fig isolate J6
hm357802Complete sequence, Chinese isolate H1
hq386721Complete sequence, Tunisian clone 1R-HSVd
hq386722Complete sequence, Tunisian clone 3R-HSV
hq386723Complete sequence, Tunisian clone 4F-HSV
hq386724Complete sequence, Tunisian clone 5F-HSV
hq386725Complete sequence, Tunisian clone 11R-HSVd
hq386726Complete sequence, Tunisian clone 17F-HSVd
hq386727Complete sequence, Tunisian clone 16F-HSV
hq386728Complete sequence, Tunisian clone 15R-HSV
hq447056Complete sequence, New Zealand isolate 09-2009-854
hq447057Complete sequence, New Zealand isolate 09-2009-2140hs
jf323861Complete sequence, Iranian isolate HSVd-gb
jf742601Complete sequence, Chinese clone Jx-C1-1
jn008868Complete sequence, Iranian isolate Maragheh
jq080271Complete sequence, unnamed Iranian mulberry isolate
jq080272Complete sequence, unnamed Iranian mulberry isolate
jq080273Complete sequence, isolate HSVd-morIII
jq080274Complete sequence, isolate HSVd-far
jq080275Complete sequence, isolate HSVd-maz
jq080276Complete sequence, isolate HSVd-yaz
jq080277Complete sequence, isolate HSVd-yaz
jq080278Complete sequence, unnamed Iranian mulberry isolate
jq080279Complete sequence, isolate HSVd-bn2
jq706342Complete sequence, South Korean isolate DP1 dapple
jq706343Complete sequence, South Korean isolate DP2 dapple
jx237453Complete sequence, Florida isolate Cache100-2
jx237454Complete sequence, Florida isolate Cache100-4
jx237455Complete sequence, Florida isolate Cache100-5
jx237456Complete sequence, Florida isolate Cache100-6
jx259397Complete sequence, Greek isolate 06-1.5-HSVd
jx259398Complete sequence, Greek isolate 12-1.11-HSVd
jx259399Complete sequence, Greek isolate 14-1.13-HSVd
jx259400Complete sequence, Greek isolate 15-1.14-HSVd
jx259401Complete sequence, Greek isolate 17-1.15-HSVd
jx259402Complete sequence, Greek isolate 19-1.17-HSVd
jx259403Complete sequence, Greek isolate 21-1.19-HSVd
jx259404Complete sequence, Greek isolate 22-1.20-HSVd
jx259405Complete sequence, Greek isolate 23-1.21-HSVd
jx259406Complete sequence, Greek isolate 24-1.22-HSVd
jx259407Complete sequence, Greek isolate 25-1.23-HSVd
jx259408Complete sequence, Greek isolate 07-1.25-HSVd
jx259409Complete sequence, Greek isolate 12-1.26-HSVd
jx259410Complete sequence, Greek isolate 13-1.27-HSVd
jx259411Complete sequence, Greek isolate 19-1.28-HSVd
jx259412Complete sequence, Greek isolate 18-1.29-HSVd
jx259413Complete sequence, Greek isolate 22-1.30-HSVd
jx259414Complete sequence, Greek isolate 07-2.21-HSVd
jx259415Complete sequence, Greek isolate 12-2.22-HSVd
jx259416Complete sequence, Greek isolate 13-2.23-HSVd
jx259417Complete sequence, Greek isolate 19-2.24-HSVd
jx401927Complete sequence, Greek isolate 599
jx418270Complete sequence, isolate HSVd-IIa (HA1)
jx418271Complete sequence, isolate HSVd-IIa (HB1)
jx430795Complete sequence, isolate HK3
jx430796Complete sequence, isolate HH3
jx430797Complete sequence, isolate HG3
jx430798Complete sequence, isolate HI3
jx430799Complete sequence, isolate HL3
jx430800Complete sequence, isolate HJ3
jx945670Complete sequence, isolate 5018
kc137256Complete sequence, Italian clone RP8-2.2.2
kc137257Complete sequence, Italian clone RP8-2.2.3
kc137258Complete sequence, Italian clone RP8-2.2.4
kc137259Complete sequence, Italian clone RP8-2.2.1
kc137260Complete sequence, Italian clone GM3-3.2.3
kc137261Complete sequence, Italian clone GM3-3.2.4
kc137262Complete sequence, Italian clone RP1-4.1.3
kc137263Complete sequence, Italian clone RP1-4.1.4
kc137264Complete sequence, Italian clone RP4-9.1.2
kc137265Complete sequence, Italian clone RP4-9.1.3
kc137266Complete sequence, Italian clone RP4-9.1.5
kc290929Complete sequence, Taiwan isolate HBO-D
kc584010Complete sequence, isolate tk2 clone 5
kc584011Complete sequence, isolate tk3 clone 8
kc584012Complete sequence, isolate tk5 clone 10
kc584013Complete sequence, isolate tk5 clone 11
kc584014Complete sequence, isolate tk5 clone 12
kc584015Complete sequence, isolate Sy SFC3 clone 13
kc584016Complete sequence, isolate tk2 clone 19
kc584017Complete sequence, isolate tk2 clone 20
kc584018Complete sequence, isolate Sy FSC3 clone 21
kc584019Complete sequence, isolate Sy A3 clone 22
kc584020Complete sequence, isolate Sy A3 clone 23
kc584021Complete sequence, isolate It 0038
kc584022Complete sequence, isolate It 26D
kc584023Complete sequence, isolate Tk1
kc677729Complete sequence, Greek isolate 332
kc677730Complete sequence, Greek isolate 691
kc771543Complete sequence isolate pis142-mateur
kc771544Complete sequence isolate pis85-Jabari
kc771545Complete sequence isolate pis83-jabari
kc771546Complete sequence isolate pis82-jabari
kc771547Complete sequence isolate pis67-jabari
kc771548Complete sequence isolate pis66-jabari
kc771549Complete sequence isolate pis144-ohadi
kc771550Complete sequence isolate pis140-ohadi
kc771551Complete sequence isolate pis139-ohadi
kc771552Complete sequence isolate pis76-ohadi
kc771553Complete sequence isolate pis60-ohadi
kc771554Complete sequence isolate pis143-razai
kc771555Complete sequence isolate pis147-razai
kc771556Complete sequence isolate alm-zahaf1
kc771557Complete sequence isolate alm-zahaf2
kc771558Complete sequence isolate alm-zahaf3
m35717Complete sequence, isolate SHV-g(GV)
u02527Complete sequence, isolate citrus, Taiwan
x00009Complete sequence (hop isolate)
x00524Complete sequence (cucumber pale fruit isolate)
x06718Complete sequence, isolate citrus 1
x06719Complete sequence, isolate citrus 2
x06873Complete sequence, isolate German grapevine, Reisling
x07405Complete sequence, isolate cucumber pale fruit
x12537Complete sequence, isolate Korean
x13838Complete sequence, isolate grapefruit
x15330Complete sequence, isolate German grapevine, 5BB
x69518Complete sequence, isolate IIa
x69519Complete sequence, isolate IIb (Cachexia)
x87923Complete sequence, isolate Ib
x87924Complete sequence, isolate Ia
x87925Complete sequence, isolate Ic
x87926Complete sequence, isolate Id
x87927Complete sequence, isolate Ie
x87928Complete sequence, isolate IIa
y08437Complete sequence, isolate Rorna1
y08438Complete sequence, isolate Rouge de Rousillon D08
y09343Complete sequence, clone BA4A and BA7B
y09344Complete sequence, clone BA1B
y09345Complete sequence, clone B1B
y09346Complete sequence, clone B6B
y09347Complete sequence, clone PR1A
y09348Complete sequence, clone PR2A
y09349Complete sequence, clone PR1B
y09350Complete sequence, clone JC1 and JC5
y09351Complete sequence, clone JJ1 and JJ4
y09352Complete sequence, clone JJ3
y14050Complete sequence (grapevine isolate)