Sequence feature database

We have constructed a database (DPVweb) that contains all sequences of viruses, viroids and satellites of plants, fungi and protozoa, that are complete or which encode one or more gene. The database also includes verified annotations for the open reading frames and other major features of each sequence. To assist comparisons with related viruses, there are also representative sequences for every completely sequenced animal virus with an RNA or ssDNA genome. Viruses are classified by their current name, and, as far as possible, nomenclature for genes and proteins are standardised within genera and families. The database is updated for new sequences regularly. Details of the current database are:

Date: 30 June 2013

  • Numbers of sequences of plant viruses, viroids and satellites: 37076
  • Numbers of sequences of viruses infecting fungi and protozoa: 438
  • Numbers of animal virus sequences for comparison: 1620
  • Numbers of phage sequences for comparison: 123

Sequence feature retrieval

We provide direct access to the sequence features (genes etc.) which can be selected and downloaded in FASTA format (nucleotide sequence and, where appropriate, the amino acid sequence) by following the links to Curated Sequences from the Notes pages. We regret that standalone software previously made available from this page no longer works with the current server.