Free updates to version 2 for registered users

Updates will provided at approximately 3 month intervals. To install the update, first download and save the file to your computer (using the right mouse button). Run the downloaded file (double click on the file name in Windows Explorer, or select Open from the right mouse menu). In the dialog box that opens, select the drive letter where you have installed the program (by default, this is C:). Then select the button Unzip and all the files will be extracted and copied, overwriting some of the existing files where necessary.
  • Download update 2 (dated 17 May 2008: includes all changes since the release of the CD in October 2007)
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If you have any problems with your registered version, send an email to dpv.aab@hri.ac.uk.
Please supply:

  • Your name and CD-ROM serial number
  • The nature of the problem, including the exact text of any error messages that were displayed
  • Information about your computer, especially the Windows operating system used
  • What version of DPV software you are using (check the Help/About menu item)

Page last updated: 5 February 2008