Virus Families:

Virus Genera:

We provide here a brief description for each genus and family. Our original aim was to include all viruses, viroids and satellites infecting plants, fungi and protozoa but we have now expanded the coverage to provide some information on all ssDNA and RNA viruses infecting animals

The information provided includes:

  • A description of particle morphology and genome organisation (where known)
  • A genome map, usually of the genus type member
  • A representative electron micrograph (for plant viruses only)
  • A list of species with their acronyms and synonyms for each genus and links to the plant virus Descriptions (DPVs)
  • A list of accession numbers (and links to the sequences) used by EMBL and Genbank databases for all the sequences in the family or genus together with the description from the sequence header (for viruses, satellites and viroids infecting plants, fungi and protozoa only).
  • A list of "curated sequences" for each virus. For the viruses, satellites and viroids infecting plants, fungi and protozoa this includes all complete sequences and all those encoding at least one complete gene. For the remaining (animal) viruses a single complete sequence is provided for each completely sequenced virus. The descriptions are shorter, but usually more informative than in the complete sequence lists. There are links to the sequence files and direct access to the sequence features (genes etc.) which can be selected and downloaded in FASTA format (nucleotide sequence and, where appropriate, the amino acid sequence).