List of Families sorted by Name

Family Host(s)
Alphaflexiviridae Fungus, Plant
Alphasatellites Plant
Alphatetraviridae Invertebrate
Alvernaviridae Protozoa
Anelloviridae Vertebrate
Arenaviridae Vertebrate
Arteriviridae Vertebrate
Astroviridae Vertebrate
Avsunviroidae Plant
Barnaviridae Fungus
Betaflexiviridae Plant
Betasatellites Plant
Bidnaviridae Invertebrate
Birnaviridae Invertebrate, Vertebrate
Bornaviridae Vertebrate
Bromoviridae Plant
Bunyaviridae Plant, Vertebrate
Caliciviridae Vertebrate
Carmotetraviridae Invertebrate
Caulimoviridae Plant
Chrysoviridae Fungus, Plant
Circoviridae Vertebrate
Closteroviridae Plant
Coronaviridae Vertebrate
Cystoviridae Bacteria
Dicistroviridae Invertebrate, Plant
ds satellite RNAs Fungus
Endornaviridae Fungus, Plant
Filoviridae Vertebrate
Flaviviridae Vertebrate
Gammaflexiviridae Fungus
Geminiviridae Plant
Hepadnaviridae Vertebrate
Hepeviridae Vertebrate
Hypoviridae Fungus
Iflaviridae Invertebrate
Inoviridae Bacteria
Leviviridae Bacteria
Luteoviridae Plant
Marnaviridae Protozoa
Megabirnaviridae Fungus
Mesoniviridae Invertebrate
Metaviridae Fungus, Invertebrate, Plant, Protozoa
Microviridae Bacteria
Nanoviridae Plant
Narnaviridae Fungus
Nodaviridae Invertebrate, Vertebrate
Ophioviridae Plant
Orthomyxoviridae Vertebrate
Other ss satellite DNAs Plant
Paramyxoviridae Vertebrate
Partitiviridae Fungus, Plant, Protozoa
Parvoviridae Invertebrate, Vertebrate
Permutotetraviridae Invertebrate
Picobirnaviridae Vertebrate
Picornaviridae Vertebrate
Pospiviroidae Plant
Potyviridae Plant
Pseudoviridae Fungus, Invertebrate, Plant, Protozoa
Quadriviridae Fungus
Reoviridae Fungus, Invertebrate, Plant, Vertebrate
Retroviridae Vertebrate
Rhabdoviridae Plant, Vertebrate
Roniviridae Vertebrate
Secoviridae Plant
ss satellite RNAs Plant
ssRNA satellite viruses Invertebrate, Plant
Togaviridae Vertebrate
Tombusviridae Plant
Totiviridae Fungus, Protozoa
Tymoviridae Plant
Unallocated dsDNA viruses
Unallocated dsRNA viruses
Unallocated ssDNA viruses
Unallocated ssRNA+ viruses
Unallocated ssRNA- viruses
Unallocated viroids Plant
Virgaviridae Plant
Viruses with unknown genomes