Notes on Family: Bornaviridae

enveloped spheres
enveloped spheres


General Description

This family is characterised by its spherical, enveloped, particles of about 90 nm diameter, which contain a monopartite negative sense ssRNA genome. It is classified in the order Mononegavirales with three other families of enveloped viruses with monopartite negative sense genomes, i.e. the Filoviridae (particles usually filamentous), Paramyxoviridae (particles >150 nm diameter) and Rhabdoviridae (particles bullet-shaped).


Virions isometric, enveloped, about 90 nm in diameter, with small (7 nm) projections.


Monopartite single-stranded negative sense RNA of about 8.9 kb. There is no genome-linked protein (VPg) at the 5'-terminus nor a 3'-polyA tail. There are 6 major ORFs with the RNA polymerase at the 5'-end of the genome and the capsid nucleoprotein at the 3'-end.

Genera in the Family

There is currently only one genus: