Notes on Family: Totiviridae



General Description

This family includes all the viruses of fungi and protozoa that have virions and a single component double-stranded RNA genome. Viruses of fungi with dsRNA genomes that are not encapsidated in virions are classified in the family Hypoviridae, and those with more than one genome segment are in the family Partitiviridae.


Virions isometric (30 - 40 nm in diameter).


Monopartite, linear, double stranded RNA of 4.6-7.0 kb There are two large, usually overlapping, reading frames encoding the coat protein (gag) and an RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (pol). Some members may have a smaller, 5'-proximal, ORF.

Genera in the Family

  • Giardiavirus (36nm diameter particles, infecting protozoan parasites)
  • Leishmaniavirus (33nm diameter particles, infecting protozoan parasites )
  • Totivirus (40nm diameter particles, infecting yeasts and smut fungi)
  • Trichomonasvirus (infecting protozoan parasites of the genus Trichomonas and phylogenetically distinct from other genera)
  • Victorivirus (40nm diameter particles, infecting filamentous fungi and phylogenetically distinct from other genera)