Notes on Genus: Becurtovirus

twinned icosahedra
twinned icosahedra

Type member: Beet curly top Iran virus


General Description

This is one of 7 genera in the family Geminiviridae. Its members have biological properties resembling those of the genus Curtovirus but the genome organization with a spliced replication initiator protein resembles that of members of the genus Mastrevirus. The origin of replication sequence is the unusual TAAGATTCC.


Virions are geminate (twinned) icosahedra, not enveloped, 38 nm long and 22 nm in diameter. 22 capsomeres per nucleocapsid.


Monopartite, closed circular, single stranded DNA, about 2850 nucleotides long.

Genus Genomic Organization

There are three open reading frames (ORFs) in the positive (virion) sense and two in the negative (complementary) sense.

Type Member Genomic Organization

ORFsense product
V1+29 kDa Coat protein
V2+14 kDa ss/dsDNA regulator
V3+10 kDa Movement protein
C1-35 kDa Replication protein A
C2-12 kDa Replication protein B