Notes on Genus: Macanavirus


Type member: Furcraea necrotic streak virus


General Description

This is one of the genera in the family Tombusviridae. All the genera are morphologically similar, with icosahedral particles and small, (usually) monopartite ss RNA genomes. The single member of the genus Macanavirus resembles members of the genus Alphanecrovirus in genus organization but it has a larger coat protein with a protuding domain, like those of other membeers of the family. It is most closely related to the genus Gallantivirus but is phylogenetically distinct.


Virions isometric (icosahedral), 28nm in diameter. 32 capsomeres per nucleocapsid.


Monopartite, linear, single stranded positive sense RNA about 4000 nucleotides long. 3' terminus has no poly(A) tract.

Genus Genomic Organization

There are 5 ORFs. ORFs1 and 2 (a readthrough of 1) are believed to be a polymerase. The small ORFs 3 and 4 are probably translated from the larger of two subgenomic RNAs and the coat protein (ORF5) from a smaller subgenomic.

Type Member Genomic Organization

The RNA is translated by means of several open reading frames (ORFs) into 5 products:
1 27 kDaReplication protein
2 87 kDaPolymerase readthrough
3 12 kDaMovement protein
4 6 kDaMovement protein
5 37 kDaCoat protein