Notes on Genus: Mycoflexivirus

flexuous filaments
flexuous filaments

Type member: Botrytis virus F


General Description

This is currently the only genus in the family Gammaflexiviridae. The name reflects the fact that the species classified has flexuous virions and infects fungi.


Virions filamentous, flexuous, not enveloped, about 720 nm long and 12-13 nm in diameter.


Monopartite, linear, polyadenylated ssRNA of 6.8 kb. There is a large replication protein with a polymerase domain expressed by readthrough of a 'leaky' stop codon and a coat protein presumably expressed from a subgenomic mRNA.

Genus Genomic Organization

The genome encodes three proteins:
1. 154 kDa Relication protein
2. 212 kDa Polymerase readthrough incorporating RdRp domain
3. 32 kDaCoat protein

Type Member Genomic Organization