Notes on Genus: Novirhabdovirus

enveloped bacilliform
enveloped bacilliform

Type member: Infectious hematopoietic necrosis virus


General Description

This is one of the animal virus genera in the family Rhabdoviridae. The genus is characterised by its bacilliform, enveloped, particles which contain a monopartite ssRNA genome that is less than 12kb in size and with a non-viron (NV) protein encoded by a gene situated between the G and L genes. The name reflects the presence of the non-virion protein. The viruses infect fish.


Virions are bullet- or cone-shaped, about 140-200 nm long and 60-80 nm in diameter.


Monopartite, linear, single-stranded, negative sense RNA, about 11000 nucleotides long.

Genus Genomic Organization

There are the five structural proteins common to all members of the family and an additional gene, encoding a protein that is not incorporated into the virus particle (hence non-virion NV), between the G and L genes.

Type Member Genomic Organization

The genes are listed here in their order on the template strand (i.e. from 3' to 5' with respect to the virion strand):
ORF  Gene     ProductFunction
1N 42.2 kDaCoat protein (nucleocapsid)
2P25.9 kDaPolymerase-associated phosphoprotein
3M 21.8 kdaMatrix protein
4G56.7 kda Glycoprotein
5NV13.2 kDaNon-virion protein of unknown function
6L225.2 kDa   Polyprotein with replicase and other functions