Notes on Genus: Pelamoviroid

no particles
no particles

Type member: Peach latent mosaic viroid


General Description

This is one of three genera of viroids assigned to the family Avsunviroidae. All members of this family lack a central conserved region (CCR) and have the ability to self-cleave through hammerhead structures. This genus differs from other viroids in the family because its members have a branched structure, a high (>50%) G+C content and thermodynamically stable hammerhead ribozymes.


Like all viroids, they have no virions and encode no proteins.


One circular, single stranded molecule of RNA, 337-399 nucleotides long.

Genus Genomic Organization

The RNA is non-coding.

Type Member Genomic Organization

The genome consists of one circular, single stranded molecule of RNA, 337 nucleotides long, which is non-coding.