All Known Sequences of Hepeviridae

Family: Hepeviridae

Genera in the Family

Unassigned Viruses in the Family

Hepatitis E virus (HEV) - Hepevirus
  • AF051830 Hepatitis E virus strain TK15/92, complete genome.
  • AF076239 Hepatitis E virus from Hyderabad, India, complete genome.
Bat hepevirus - Unassigned Hepeviridae
  • JQ001749 Bat hepevirus isolate BatHEV/BS7/GE/2009, complete genome.
Cutthroat trout virus - Unassigned Hepeviridae
  • HQ731075 Cutthroat trout virus isolate Heenan88, complete genome.
Avian hepatitis E virus (AHEV) - Unassigned Hepeviridae
  • AY535004 Avian hepatitis E virus, complete genome.