All Known Sequences of Levivirus

Type member: Enterobacteria phage MS2

Enterobacteria phage BZ13 (BZ13) - Levivirus

  • AF227250 Enterobacteriophage KU1, complete genome.
  • X03869 Group II RNA coliphage GA genome

Acinetobacter phage AP205 (AP205) - Levivirus

  • AF334111 Bacteriophage AP205 and partial coat protein, complete genome.

Pseudomonas phage PRR1 (PRR1) - Levivirus

  • DQ836063 Pseudomonas phage PRR1, complete genome.

Enterobacteria phage C-1 INW-2012 - Levivirus

  • JX045649 Enterobacteria phage C-1 INW-2012, complete sequence.

Enterobacteria phage Hgal1 - Levivirus

  • JX045650 Enterobacteria phage Hgal1, complete sequence.

Enterobacteria phage MS2 (MS2) - Levivirus

  • V00642 phage MS2 genome.
  • X15031 Bacteriophage fr RNA genome

Pseudomonas phage PP7 (PP7) - Levivirus

  • X80191 Bacteriophage PP7 mRNA for maturation, coat, lysis and replicase proteins