Curated Sequences of Endornaviridae

Family: Endornaviridae

Genera in the Family

Unassigned Viruses in the Family

Mulberry endornavirus 1

None reported

Vicia faba endornavirus (VFV)
  • AJ000929 Complete sequence associated with male sterility in cv. 447
Bell pepper endornavirus
  • AB597230 Complete sequence, Japanese isolate
  • JN019858 Complete sequence, US isolate BPEV-YW
  • JQ951943 Complete sequence, strain IS
Oryza sativa endornavirus (OSV)
  • D32136 Complete sequence from cv Nipponbare
Chalara endornavirus CeEV1
  • GQ494150 Substantial (11.6kb) sequence, strain NC1527
Phytophthora endornavirus 1
  • AJ877914 Complete sequence, Oregon isolate
Tuber aestivum endornavirus
  • HQ380014 Complete sequence, Hungarian Jaszag isolate
Oryza rufipogon endornavirus (ORV)
  • AB014344 Complete sequence from strain W-1714
Persea americana endornavirus
  • JN880414 Complete sequence, Spanish Fuerte isolate
Phaseolus vulgaris endornavirus (PVuV)

None reported

Grapevine endophyte endornavirus
  • JX678977 Complete sequence, South African isolate
Phaseolus vulgaris endornavirus 1
  • AB719397 Complete sequence, Brazilian isolate
Phaseolus vulgaris endornavirus 2
  • AB719398 Complete sequence, Brazilian isolate
Helicobasidium mompa endornavirus 1
  • AB218287 Complete sequence, isolate 1-670
Gremmeniella abietina type B RNA virus
  • DQ399289 Complete sequence, Finnish isolate XL1 AU58
  • DQ399290 Complete sequence, Finnish isolate XL2 E46