Curated Sequences of ssRNA satellite viruses

Family: ssRNA satellite viruses

Genera in the Family

Unassigned Viruses in the Family

Chronic bee paralysis satellite virus

None reported

Panicum mosaic satellite virus
  • AF159425 Defective interfering RNA, Clone 91, 399nt
  • AF339446 Defective RNA
  • AF339447 Defective RNA-P
  • L10083 Complete sequence, St Augustine decline isolate
  • M17182 Complete sequence, Masuta 1987
Tobacco mosaic satellite virus
Tobacco necrosis satellite virus
  • AJ000898 Complete sequence, strain C
  • L06057 Complete sequence,Timmer et al., 1992
  • M64479 Complete sequence, strain 2
  • V01468 Complete sequence, Ysebaert et al., 1980
Maize white line mosaic satellite virus
Nilaparvata lugens commensal X virus
  • AB183424 Complete sequence, Izumo isolate
Macrobrachium rosenbergii nodavirus XSV