Curated Sequences of Aureusvirus

Type Member: Pothos latent virus

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Pothos latent virus (PoLV)

AJ243370 Complete sequence, pigeonpea strain

X87115 Complete sequence, Rubino et al., 1995

Johnsongrass chlorotic stripe mosaic virus (JGCSMV)

AJ557804 Complete sequence, Iranian isolate

Cucumber leaf spot virus (CLSV)

DQ227315 Complete sequence, Israel isolate

EU127904 Complete sequence, Canadian isolate

Sesame necrotic mosaic virus (SNMV)

DQ367845 Substantial sequence including polymerase readthrough portion and coat protein, Wuhan isolate

Maize white line mosaic virus (MWLMV)

EF589670 Complete sequence, USA isolate