Curated Sequences of Babuvirus

Type Member: Banana bunchy top virus

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Banana bunchy top virus (BBTV)

AB078023 Coat protein from DNA-S (DNA3), Japanese Arakawa isolate

AB108449 DNA-S (DNA3), Japanese isolate JN4

AB108450 DNA-S (DNA3), Japanese isolate JK3

AB108451 DNA-S (DNA3), Japanese isolate JY1

AB108452 DNA-R (DNA1), Japanese isolate JN4

AB108453 DNA-R (DNA1), Japanese isolate JK3

AB108454 DNA-R (DNA1), Japanese isolate JM5

AB108455 DNA-R (DNA1), Japanese isolate JM6

AB108456 DNA-R (DNA1), Japanese isolate JY1

AB108457 DNA-R (DNA1), Japanese isolate JY3

AB108458 DNA-R (DNA1), Japanese isolate JY7

AB113659 DNA-R (DNA1), Vietnam Hanoi isolate V6

AB113660 DNA-R (DNA1), Vietnam isolate V14

AB113661 DNA-S (DNA3), Vietnam Hanoi isolate V6

AB113662 DNA-S (DNA3), Vietnam isolate V14

AB186924 DNA-R (DNA1), Indonesian isolate IG33

AB186925 DNA-R (DNA1), Indonesian isolate IG64

AB186926 DNA-R (DNA1), Indonesian isolate IJs11

AB186927 DNA-S (DNA3), Indonesian isolate IG33

AB186928 DNA-S (DNA3), Indonesian isolate IG64

AB186929 DNA-S (DNA3), Indonesian isolate IJs11

AB189067 DNA-R (DNA1), Philippines isolate bP5

AB189068 DNA-S (DNA3), Philippines isolate bP5

AB250953 DNA-R (DNA1), Phlippines abaca isolate aP32

AB250954 DNA-R (DNA1), Phlippines abaca isolate aP34

AB250955 DNA-R (DNA1), Phlippines banana isolate bP26

AB250956 DNA-S (DNA3), Phlippines abaca isolate aP32

AB250957 DNA-S (DNA3), Phlippines abaca isolate aP34

AB250958 DNA-S (DNA3), Phlippines banana isolate bP26

AB250959 Movement protein from DNA-M (DNA4), Phlippines abaca isolate aP32

AB250960 Movement protein from DNA-M (DNA4), Phlippines abaca isolate aP34

AB250961 Movement protein from DNA-M (DNA4), Phlippines banana isolate bP26

AB252639 DNA-R (DNA1), Myanmar isolate MY01

AB252640 DNA-R (DNA1), Myanmar isolate MY02

AB252641 DNA-R (DNA1), Myanmar isolate MY03

AB252642 DNA-S (DNA3), Myanmar isolate MY01

AB252643 DNA-S (DNA3), Myanmar isolate MY02

AB252644 DNA-S (DNA3), Myanmar isolate MY03

AF102148 DNA-M (DNA4), Malaysian isolate

AF102780 DNA-R (DNA1), Egypt

AF102781 DNA-U3 (DNA2) partial sequence, Egypt

AF102782 DNA-S (DNA3) partial sequence including most of coat protein, Egypt

AF102783 DNA-M (DNA4), Egypt

AF102784 DNA-C (DNA5) partial sequence, Egypt

AF110266 DNA-R (DNA1), China: Zhangzhou

AF148068 DNA-S (DNA3), Philippines

AF148139 DNA-N (DNA6) partial sequence, Egypt

AF148942 DNA-S (DNA3), Taiwan

AF148943 DNA-S (DNA3), Burundi

AF148944 DNA-S (DNA3), Fiji

AF148945 DNA-S (DNA3), Vietnam

AF238874 DNA-R (DNA1), NS strain

AF238875 DNA-R (DNA1), NSP strain

AF238876 DNA-S (DNA3), NS strain

AF238877 DNA-S (DNA3), NSP strain

AF238878 DNA-N (DNA6), NS strain

AF238879 DNA-N (DNA6), NSP strain

AF246122 Coat protein from DNA-S (DNA3), Chinese isolate

AF246123 DNA-R (DNA1), China: Xiao et al.

AF246124 Movement protein from DNA-M (DNA4), Chinese isolate m

AF330706 Coat protein from DNA-S (DNA3), Chinese Zhangzhou isolate

AF349568 DNA-M (DNA4), Chinese Zhangzhou isolate

AF416464 DNA-R (DNA1), Vietnam

AF416465 DNA-R (DNA1), Egyptian isolate, Karan et al

AF416466 DNA-R (DNA1), Fiji

AF416467 DNA-R (DNA1), Tonga

AF416468 DNA-R (DNA1), Taiwan

AF416469 DNA-R (DNA1), Philippines

AF416470 DNA-R (DNA1), India

AF416472 DNA-R (DNA1), Viet Nam: Son La region

AF416473 DNA-R (DNA1), Viet Nam: Dien Bien Phu region

AF416474 DNA-R (DNA1), Viet Nam: Bac Ninh region

AF416475 DNA-R (DNA1), Viet Nam: Hue region

AF416476 DNA-R (DNA1), Viet Nam: Buon Ma Thout region

AF416477 DNA-R (DNA1), Viet Nam: Da Nang region

AF416478 DNA-R (DNA1), Viet Nam: Ho Chi Minh City region

AF416479 DNA-R (DNA1), Viet Nam: Yen Bai region

AM055641 Replication protein from DNA-R (DNA1), Karnataka isolate

AM418534 DNA-R (DNA1), Pakistan Nawabshah isolate

AM418535 DNA-R (DNA1), Pakistan Sakrand isolate

AM418536 DNA-R (DNA1), Pakistan Tandojam isolate

AM418537 DNA-R (DNA1), Pakistan Chamber isolate

AM418538 DNA-R (DNA1), Pakistan Thatha isolate

AM418539 DNA-R (DNA1), Pakistan Hala isolate

AM418540 DNA-S (DNA3), Pakistan Tandojam isolate

AM418541 DNA-M (DNA4), Pakistan Thatha isolate

AM418564 DNA-C (DNA5), Pakistan Tandojam isolate

AM418565 DNA-S (DNA3), Pakistan Kisanmor isolate

AM418566 DNA-S (DNA3), Pakistan Thatha isolate

AM418567 DNA-S (DNA3), Pakistan Nasarpur isolate

AM418568 DNA-N (DNA6), Pakistan Thatha isolate

AM418569 DNA-C (DNA5), Pakistan Thatha isolate

AY222303 Replication protein from DNA-R (DNA1), Indian isolate

AY264347 DNA-C (DNA5), NSP strain

AY266417 DNA-C (DNA5), NS strain

AY267898 Clink protein from DNA-C (DNA5), Indian isolate

AY273170 Putative nuclear shuttle protein from DNA-N (DNA6), Indian isolate

AY337715 Coat protein, Hainan isolate

AY450396 DNA-R (DNA1), Chinese Hainan isolate

AY494786 DNA-S (DNA3), Chinese Hainan isolate

AY494787 DNA-N (DNA6), Chinese Hainan isolate

AY494788 DNA-M (DNA4), Chinese Hainan isolate (labelled DNA1 apparently in error)

AY534140 Coat protein from DNA-S (DNA3), Indian Tamilnadu isolate

AY606084 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Chinese Hainan isolate

AY606085 DNA-C (DNA5), Chinese Hainan isolate

AY845437 DNA-R (DNA1), Tamil Nadu isolate

AY845636 Clink protein from DNA-C (DNA5), Tamil Nadu isolate

AY884172 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Indian isolate BBTR1

AY884173 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Indian isolate BRJT9

AY948438 DNA-N (DNA6) Indian isolate BT-1

AY948439 DNA-M (DNA4) Indian isolate BT-1

AY953429 DNA-M (DNA4), Indian isolate

AY960129 DNA-U3 (DNA2) Indian isolate BT-1

AY996562 DNA-R (DNA1), Pakistani isolate TJ1

AY996563 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Pakistan isolate KHI

DQ256267 DNA-R (DNA1), Indian Luknow isolate

DQ285570 Replication protein from DNA-R (DNA1), Indian Barabanki isolate

DQ285571 Replication protein from DNA-R (DNA1), Indian Bahraich isolate

DQ515970 Coat protein from DNA-S (DNA3) Indian Barabanki isolate

DQ640741 Replication protein from DNA-R (DNA-1), Bihar isolate

DQ640742 Replication protein from DNA-R (DNA-1), Maharastra isolate

DQ656118 DNA-R (DNA1), Indian Kanpur isolate

DQ656119 DNA-R (DNA1), Indian Etawah isolate

DQ826390 DNA-R (DNA1), Taiwan isolate

DQ826391 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Taiwan isolate clone a

DQ826392 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Taiwan isolate clone b

DQ826393 DNA-S (DNA3), Taiwan isolate

DQ826394 DNA-M (DNA4), Taiwan isolate

DQ826395 DNA-C (DNA5), Taiwan isolate

DQ826396 DNA-N (DNA6), Taiwan isolate

DQ996466 Coat protein from DNA-S (DNA3), Indian Bhagalpur isolate

EF095161 DNA-R (DNA1), Taiwan isolate V-1, clone b

EF095162 DNA-R (DNA1), Taiwan isolate V-1, clone a

EF095163 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Taiwan isolate V-1

EF095164 DNA-S (DNA3), Taiwan isolate V-1

EF095165 DNA-M (DNA4), Taiwan isolate V-1

EF095166 DNA-C (DNA5), Taiwan isolate V-1

EF153738 Movement protein from DNA-M (DNA4), Indian Barabanki isolate

EF470243 DNA-N (DNA6), Chinese isolate

EF520722 DNA-C (DNA5), Pakistan isolate TJ1

EF529519 DNA-N (DNA6), Pakistan isolate TJ1

EF584544 Coat protein from DNA-S (DNA3), Indian Maharashtra isolate

EF584545 Replication protein from DNA-R (DNA1), Hajipur isolate

EF593169 DNA-S (DNA3), Pakistan isolate TJ1

EF687856 DNA-S (DNA3), Indian Lucknow isolate

EU046323 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Bangalore isolate

EU051379 DNA-C (DNA5), Indian Lucknow isolate

EU095948 DNA-M (DNA4), Pakistan isolate TJ1

EU140341 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Indian hill banana isolate

EU140342 DNA-R (DNA1), Indian hill banana isolate

EU190965 Coat protein from DNA-S (DNA3), Indian Assam isolate

EU190966 Coat protein from DNA-S (DNA3), Indian Nagaland isolate

EU190967 Coat protein from DNA-S (DNA3), Indian Meghalaya isolate

EU190968 Coat protein from DNA-S (DNA3), Indian Arunachal Pradesh isolate

EU190969 DNA-C (DNA5), Indian hill banana isolate

EU190970 DNA-N (DNA6), Indian hill banana isolate

EU190971 DNA-M (DNA4), Indian hill banana isolate

EU366169 DNA-R (DNA1), Taiwan isolate TW3

EU366170 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Taiwan isolate TW3

EU366171 DNA-S (DNA3), Taiwan isolate TW3

EU366172 DNA-M (DNA4), Taiwan isolate TW3

EU366173 DNA-C (DNA5), Taiwan isolate TW3

EU391633 DNA-N (DNA6), Indian Lucknow isolate

EU402601 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Indian Lucknow isolate

EU516323 DNA-M (DNA4), Indian Lucknow isolate

EU531471 Replication protein from DNA-R (DNA1), Indian Cumbam isolate

EU531472 Replication protein from DNA-R (DNA1), Indian Solapur isolate

EU531473 Replication protein from DNA-R (DNA1), Indian Andaman isolate

EU589459 DNA-S (DNA3), Indian isolate

FJ009238 DNA-R (DNA1), isolate Kerala 1

FJ009239 DNA-U3 (DNA2), isolate Kerala 1

FJ009240 DNA-R (DNA1), isolate Kerala 2

FJ168538 Coat protein from DNA-S (DNA3), Indian Hajipur isolate

FJ463042 DNA-R (DNA1), Chinese Haikou isolate

FJ463043 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Chinese Haikou isolate

FJ463044 DNA-S (DNA3), Chinese Haikou isolate

FJ463045 DNA-M (DNA4), Chinese Haikou isolate

FJ463046 DNA-C (DNA5), Chinese Haikou isolate

FJ463047 DNA-N (DNA6), Chinese Haikou isolate

FJ605506 DNA-R (DNA1), Bihar isolate

FJ605507 DNA-S (DNA3), Bihar isolate

FJ605508 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Bihar isolate

FJ609642 DNA-M (DNA4), Bihar isolate

FJ609643 DNA-C (DNA5), Bihar isolate

FJ609644 DNA-N (DNA6), Bihar isolate

FJ664270 Coat protein from DNA-S (DNA3), Indian isolate pHBVcp

FJ664271 Coat protein from DNA-S (DNA3), Indian isolate pHBScp

FJ773283 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Taiwan isolate TW3 clone a

FJ859722 DNA-R (DNA1), Pakistan isolate GH1

FJ859723 DNA-R (DNA1), Pakistan isolate KP1

FJ859724 DNA-R (DNA1), Pakistan isolate KP2

FJ859725 DNA-R (DNA1), Pakistan isolate TA1

FJ859726 DNA-R (DNA1), Pakistan isolate TA2

FJ859727 DNA-R (DNA1), Pakistan isolate BS1

FJ859728 DNA-R (DNA1), Pakistan isolate BS2

FJ859729 DNA-R (DNA1), Pakistan isolate MT1

FJ859730 DNA-R (DNA1), Pakistan isolate MT2

FJ859731 DNA-R (DNA1), Pakistan isolate NS1

FJ859732 DNA-R (DNA1), Pakistan isolate JS1

FJ859733 DNA-R (DNA1), Pakistan isolate HD1

FJ859734 DNA-R (DNA1), Pakistan isolate HD2

FJ859735 DNA-S (DNA3), Pakistan isolate GH1

FJ859736 DNA-S (DNA3), Pakistan isolate KP1

FJ859737 DNA-S (DNA3), Pakistan isolate KP2

FJ859738 DNA-S (DNA3), Pakistan isolate TA1

FJ859739 DNA-S (DNA3), Pakistan isolate TA2

FJ859740 DNA-S (DNA3), Pakistan isolate BS1

FJ859741 DNA-S (DNA3), Pakistan isolate BS2

FJ859742 DNA-S (DNA3), Pakistan isolate MT1

FJ859743 DNA-S (DNA3), Pakistan isolate MT2

FJ859744 DNA-S (DNA3), Pakistan isolate NS1

FJ859745 DNA-S (DNA3), Pakistan isolate JS1

FJ859746 DNA-S (DNA3), Pakistan isolate HD1

FJ859747 DNA-S (DNA3), Pakistan isolate HD2

FJ859748 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Pakistan isolate GH1

FJ859749 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Pakistan isolate JS1

FJ859750 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Pakistan isolate HD1

GQ214699 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Pakistan isolate TJ1

GQ249344 DNA-S (DNA3), Cameroon isolate

GQ374514 DNA-R (DNA1), Chinese Zhanjiang isolate

GU074391 DNA-R (DNA1), Chinese Guangdong isolate NS

GU074392 DNA-R (DNA1), Chinese Guangdong isolate NSP

GU085260 Coat protein from DNA-S (DNA3), isolate Kodaikonal

GU085261 Coat protein from DNA-S (DNA3), isolate Kolli Hills

GU085262 Coat protein from DNA-S (DNA3), isolate Shevaroy Hills

GU085263 Replication protein from DNA-R (DNA1), isolate Kodaikonal

GU085264 Replication protein from DNA-R (DNA1), isolate Shevaroy Hills

GU085265 Replication protein from DNA-R (DNA1), isolate Kolli Hills

GU125406 Coat protein from DNA-S (DNA3), isolate West Bengal

GU125407 Coat protein from DNA-S (DNA3), isolate Delhi

GU125408 Coat protein from DNA-S (DNA3), isolate Gujarat

GU125409 Coat protein from DNA-S (DNA3), isolate Maharashtra

GU125410 Coat protein from DNA-S (DNA3), isolate Andhaman

GU125411 Coat protein from DNA-S (DNA3), isolate Karnataka

GU125412 Coat protein from DNA-S (DNA3), isolate Andhra Pradesh

GU125413 Coat protein from DNA-S (DNA3), isolate Kerala

GU125414 Coat protein from DNA-S (DNA3), isolate Bihar

GU125415 Replication protein from DNA-R (DNA1), isolate West Bengal

GU125416 Replication protein from DNA-R (DNA1), isolate Gujarat

GU125417 Replication protein from DNA-R (DNA1), isolate Andhra Pradesh

GU125418 Replication protein from DNA-R (DNA1), isolate Karnataka

GU130585 Replication protein from DNA-R (DNA1), isolate Maharashtra

GU130586 Replication protein from DNA-R (DNA1), isolate Bihar

GU130587 Replication protein from DNA-R (DNA1), isolate Delhi

GU559702 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Chinese Hainan isolate ChengMai

GU559703 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Chinese Hainan isolate LeDong

GU559704 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Chinese Hainan isolate HaiKou-1

GU559705 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Chinese Hainan isolate DanZhou

GU559706 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Chinese Hainan isolate DanZhouHD

HE864318 Unusual DNA-M (DNA4), Pakistan DNAM1

HE864319 Unusual DNA-M (DNA4), Pakistan DNAM2

HE864320 Unusual DNA-N (DNA5), Pakistan DNAN

HM120718 DNA-R (DNA1), Indian Delhi isolate

HM212635 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Chinese HaiKou-3 isolate

HM231314 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Chinese Haikou-4 isolate

HQ259074 DNA-R (DNA1), Egyptian isolate

HQ378190 DNA-R (DNA1), Chinese Haikou-4 isolate

HQ378191 DNA-S (DNA3), Chinese Haikou-4 isolate

HQ378192 DNA-M (DNA4), Chinese Haikou-4 isolate

HQ378193 DNA-C (DNA5), Chinese Haikou-4 isolate

HQ378194 DNA-N (DNA6), Chinese Haikou-4 isolate

HQ616074 DNA-R (DNA1), Chinese isolate Haikou 2

HQ616075 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Chinese isolate Haikou 2

HQ616076 DNA-S (DNA3), Chinese isolate Haikou 2

HQ616077 DNA-M (DNA4), Chinese isolate Haikou 2

HQ616078 DNA-C (DNA5), Chinese isolate Haikou 2

HQ616079 DNA-N (DNA6), Chinese isolate Haikou 2

JF755978 DNA-S (DNA3), Cameroon isolate CAM-TV4.1

JF755979 DNA-S (DNA3), Cameroon isolate CAM-TV14.1

JF755980 DNA-S (DNA3), Malawi isolate MAL-TV5.4

JF755981 DNA-S (DNA3), Gabon isolate GAB-TV18.2

JF755982 DNA-S (DNA3), Gabon isolate GAB-TV-17.5

JF755983 DNA-S (DNA3), Angola isolate ANG-1

JF755984 DNA-S (DNA3), Congo isolate DRC-TV24.9

JF755985 DNA-S (DNA3), Congo isolate DRC-12.1

JF755986 DNA-S (DNA3), Congo isolate DRC-23.3

JF755987 DNA-S (DNA3), Congo isolate DRC-25.2

JF957625 DNA-R (DNA1), Tongan isolate TO114

JF957626 DNA-R (DNA1), Tongan isolate TO121

JF957627 DNA-R (DNA1), Tongan isolate TO124

JF957628 DNA-R (DNA1), Tongan isolate TO166

JF957629 DNA-R (DNA1), Tongan isolate TO208

JF957630 DNA-R (DNA1), Tongan isolate TO224

JF957631 DNA-R (DNA1), Tongan isolate TO290

JF957632 DNA-R (DNA1), Tongan isolate TO306

JF957633 DNA-R (DNA1), Tongan isolate TO310

JF957634 DNA-R (DNA1), Tongan isolate TO314

JF957635 DNA-R (DNA1), Tongan isolate TOS12

JF957636 DNA-R (DNA1), Tongan isolate TOS28

JF957637 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Tongan isolate TO114

JF957638 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Tongan isolate TO121

JF957639 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Tongan isolate TO124

JF957640 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Tongan isolate TO166

JF957641 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Tongan isolate TO208

JF957642 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Tongan isolate TO224

JF957643 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Tongan isolate TO290

JF957644 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Tongan isolate TO306

JF957645 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Tongan isolate TO310

JF957646 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Tongan isolate TO314

JF957647 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Tongan isolate TOS12

JF957648 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Tongan isolate TOS28

JF957649 DNA-S (DNA3), Tongan isolate TO114

JF957650 DNA-S (DNA3), Tongan isolate TO121

JF957651 DNA-S (DNA3), Tongan isolate TO124

JF957652 DNA-S (DNA3), Tongan isolate TO166

JF957653 DNA-S (DNA3), Tongan isolate TO208

JF957654 DNA-S (DNA3), Tongan isolate TO224

JF957655 DNA-S (DNA3), Tongan isolate TO290

JF957656 DNA-S (DNA3), Tongan isolate TO306

JF957657 DNA-S (DNA3), Tongan isolate TO310

JF957658 DNA-S (DNA3), Tongan isolate TO314

JF957659 DNA-S (DNA3), Tongan isolate TOS12

JF957660 DNA-S (DNA3), Tongan isolate TOS28

JF957661 DNA-M (DNA4), Tongan isolate TO114

JF957662 DNA-M (DNA4), Tongan isolate TO121

JF957663 DNA-M (DNA4), Tongan isolate TO124

JF957664 DNA-M (DNA4), Tongan isolate TO166

JF957665 DNA-M (DNA4), Tongan isolate TO208

JF957666 DNA-M (DNA4), Tongan isolate TO224

JF957667 DNA-M (DNA4), Tongan isolate TO290

JF957668 DNA-M (DNA4), Tongan isolate TO306

JF957669 DNA-M (DNA4), Tongan isolate TO310

JF957670 DNA-M (DNA4), Tongan isolate TO314

JF957671 DNA-M (DNA4), Tongan isolate TOS12

JF957672 DNA-M (DNA4), Tongan isolate TOS28

JF957673 DNA-C (DNA5), Tongan isolate TO114

JF957674 DNA-C (DNA5), Tongan isolate TO121

JF957675 DNA-C (DNA5), Tongan isolate TO124

JF957676 DNA-C (DNA5), Tongan isolate TO166

JF957677 DNA-C (DNA5), Tongan isolate TO208

JF957678 DNA-C (DNA5), Tongan isolate TO224

JF957679 DNA-C (DNA5), Tongan isolate TO290

JF957680 DNA-C (DNA5), Tongan isolate TO306

JF957681 DNA-C (DNA5), Tongan isolate TO310

JF957682 DNA-C (DNA5), Tongan isolate TO314

JF957683 DNA-C (DNA5), Tongan isolate TOS12

JF957684 DNA-C (DNA5), Tongan isolate TOS28

JF957685 DNA-N (DNA6), Tongan isolate TO114

JF957686 DNA-N (DNA6), Tongan isolate TO121

JF957687 DNA-N (DNA6), Tongan isolate TO124

JF957688 DNA-N (DNA6), Tongan isolate TO166

JF957689 DNA-N (DNA6), Tongan isolate TO208

JF957690 DNA-N (DNA6), Tongan isolate TO224

JF957691 DNA-N (DNA6), Tongan isolate TO290

JF957692 DNA-N (DNA6), Tongan isolate TO306

JF957693 DNA-N (DNA6), Tongan isolate TO310

JF957694 DNA-N (DNA6), Tongan isolate TO314

JF957695 DNA-N (DNA6), Tongan isolate TOS12

JF957696 DNA-N (DNA6), Tongan isolate TOS28

JN003631 DNA-R (DNA1), Indonesian isolate Bali Tukad Badung II

JN003632 DNA-R (DNA1), Indonesian isolate Bali Tukad Petanu I

JN003633 DNA-R (DNA1), Indonesian isolate Bali Sempidi I

JN243751 DNA-R (DNA1), isolate Bangalore-GKVK

JN243752 DNA-U3 (DNA2), isolate Bangalore-GKVK

JN243753 DNA-S (DNA3), isolate Bangalore-GKVK

JN243754 DNA-N (DNA6), isolate Bangalore-GKVK

JN250593 DNA-R (DNA1), Sri Lankan isolate Kandy

JN250594 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Sri Lankan isolate Kandy

JN250595 DNA-S (DNA3), Sri Lankan isolate Kandy

JN250596 DNA-M (DNA4), Sri Lankan isolate Kandy

JN250597 DNA-C (DNA5), Sri Lankan isolate Kandy

JN250598 DNA-N (DNA6), Sri Lankan isolate Kandy

JN250599 Coat protein from DNA-S (DNA3), Bangalore isolate

JQ820453 DNA-R (DNA1), isolate Malawi 73

JQ820454 DNA-U3 (DNA2), isolate Malawi 73

JQ820455 DNA-S (DNA3), isolate Malawi 73

JQ820456 DNA-M (DNA4), isolate Malawi 73

JQ820457 DNA-C (DNA5), isolate Malawi 73

JQ820458 DNA-N (DNA6), isolate Malawi 73

JQ820459 DNA-R (DNA1), isolate Rwanda 138

JQ820460 DNA-U3 (DNA2), isolate Rwanda 138

JQ820461 DNA-S (DNA3), isolate Rwanda 138

JQ820462 DNA-M (DNA4), isolate Rwanda 138

JQ820463 DNA-C (DNA5), isolate Rwanda 138

JQ820464 DNA-N (DNA6), isolate Rwanda 138

JQ820465 DNA-R (DNA1), isolate Rwanda 142

JQ820466 DNA-U3 (DNA2), isolate Rwanda 142

JQ820467 DNA-S (DNA3), isolate Rwanda 142

JQ820468 DNA-M (DNA4), isolate Rwanda 142

JQ820469 DNA-C (DNA5), isolate Rwanda 142

JQ820470 DNA-N (DNA6), isolate Rwanda 142

JQ911667 DNA-R (DNA1), Indian isolate Meghalaya

JQ911668 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Indian isolate Meghalaya

KC119098 DNA-R (DNA1), Indian Umiam isolate

KC466373 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Indian Umiam isolate

KC466374 DNA-S (DNA3), Indian Umiam isolate

KC466375 DNA-M (DNA4), Indian Umiam isolate

KC466376 DNA-C (DNA5), Indian Umiam isolate

KC466377 DNA-N (DNA6), Indian Umiam isolate

KC581796 DNA-M (DNA4), Thai isolate Ubonratchathanee

L41574 DNA-S (DNA3), Australia

L41575 DNA-M (DNA4), Australia

L41576 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Australia

L41577 DNA-N (DNA6), Australia

L41578 DNA-C (DNA5), Australia

S56276 DNA-R (DNA1), Australia

U18077 DNA-R (DNA1), Hawaii

U18078 DNA-U3 (DNA2) , Hawaii

U18079 DNA-C (DNA5) apparently, Hawaii

U97525 DNA-R (DNA1), Chinese isolate C4

U97526 Coat protein from DNA-S (DNA3), Chinese isolate C4

U97527 Movement protein from DNA-M (DNA4), Chinese isolate C4

Cardamom bushy dwarf virus (CdBDV)

AY485960 Non-functional Rep protein

JX569847 DNA-M (DNA4), Indian Kalimpong isolate clone Fr-60

JX867540 DNA-S (DNA3), Indian Kalimpong isolate clone Fr-A6

JX867541 DNA-S (DNA3), Indian Kalimpong isolate clone Fr-A22

JX867542 DNA-S (DNA3), Indian Kalimpong isolate clone Fr-A49

JX867543 DNA-S (DNA3), Indian Kalimpong isolate clone Fr-S19

JX867544 DNA-S (DNA3), Indian Kalimpong isolate clone Fr-38

JX867545 DNA-S (DNA3), Indian Kalimpong isolate clone Fr-SnaB27

JX867546 DNA-N (DNA6), Indian Kalimpong isolate clone Fr-NSP-1

JX867547 DNA-N (DNA6), Indian Kalimpong isolate clone Fr-NSP-2

JX867548 DNA-C (DNA5), Indian Kalimpong isolate clone Fr-CL-1

JX867549 DNA-C (DNA5), Indian Kalimpong isolate clone Fr-CL-2

JX867550 DNA-R (DNA1), Indian Kalimpong isolate clone Fr-A1

JX867551 DNA-R (DNA1), Indian Kalimpong isolate clone Fr-A3

Abaca bunchy top virus (ABTV)

EF546802 DNA-N (DNA6), Philippines isolate Q1108

EF546803 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Philippines isolate Q1108

EF546804 DNA-S (DNA3), Philippines isolate Q1108

EF546805 DNA-M (DNA4), Philippines isolate Q1108

EF546806 DNA-C (DNA5), Philippines isolate Q1108

EF546807 DNA-R (DNA1), Philippines isolate Q1108

EF546808 DNA-N (DNA6), Malaysian isolate Q767

EF546809 DNA-U3 (DNA2), Malaysian isolate Q767

EF546810 DNA-S (DNA3), Malaysian isolate Q767

EF546811 DNA-M (DNA4), Malaysian isolate Q767

EF546812 DNA-C (DNA5), Malaysian isolate Q767

EF546813 DNA-R (DNA1), Malaysian isolate Q767

FJ787433 Coat protein from DNA-S (DNA3), Philippines Laguna isolate

FJ787434 Coat protein from DNA-S (DNA3), Philippines Leyte isolate

FJ787435 Coat protein from DNA-S (DNA3), Philippines Bicol isolate