Curated Sequences of Idnoreovirus

Type Member: Idnoreovirus 1

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Drosophila S virus (DSV)

None reported

Idnoreovirus 1 (IRV-1)

None reported

Idnoreovirus 2 (IRV-2)

None reported

Idnoreovirus 3 (IRV-3)

None reported

Idnoreovirus 4 (IRV-4)

None reported

Idnoreovirus 5 (IRV-5)

None reported

Operophtera brumata idnoreovirus (ObIRV)

DQ192235 Segment 1, Orkney isolate

DQ192236 Segment 2, Orkney isolate

DQ192237 Segment 3, Orkney isolate

DQ192238 Segment 4, Orkney isolate

DQ192239 Segment 5, Orkney isolate

DQ192240 Segment 6, Orkney isolate

DQ192241 Segment 7, Orkney isolate

DQ192242 Segment 8, Orkney isolate

DQ192243 Segment 9, Orkney isolate

DQ192244 Segment 10, Orkney isolate