Curated Sequences of Nanoviridae alphasatellites

Type Member:

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Milk vetch dwarf C1 alphasatellite (MVDC1A)

AB000920 Complete sequence (was DNA1)

Milk vetch dwarf C2 alphasatellite (MVDC2A)

AB000921 Complete sequence (was DNA2)

Milk vetch dwarf C3 alphasatellite (MVDC3A)

AB000922 Complete sequence (was DNA3)

Milk vetch dwarf C10 alphasatellite (MVDC10A)

AB009047 Complete sequence (was DNA10)

Banana bunchy top S1 alphasatellite (BBTS1A)

AF216221 S1 satellite, Taiwan isolate

U12586 S1 satellite ""component III"", Wu et al., 1995

U12587 S1 satellite ""component IV"", Wu et al., 1995

Banana bunchy top S2 alphasatellite (BBTS2A)

AF216222 S2 satellite, Taiwan isolate

EU366174 S2 satellite Taiwan isolate TW3

FJ394347 S2 satellite, Taiwan clone TW3Y 02

L32167 Y1 satellite ""component II"", Wu et al., 1994

Banana bunchy top Vietnam alphasatellite (BBTVNA)

AF416471 S3 satellite, Vietnam: Yen Bai isolate

Faba bean necrotic yellows C7 alphasatellite (FBNYC7A)

AJ005964 Complete sequence (was DNA7), isolate SV292-88

AJ132185 Complete sequence (was DNA7), Egyptian isolate EV1-93

Faba bean necrotic yellows C9 alphasatellite (FBNYC9A)

AJ005966 Complete sequence (was DNA9), isolate SV292-88

AJ132187 Complete sequence (was DNA9), Egyptian isolate EV1-93

Faba bean necrotic yellows C11 alphasatellite (FBNYC11A)

AJ005968 Complete sequence (was DNA1), Egyptian isolate EV1-93

Banana bunchy top Y alphasatellite (BBTYA)

EU366175 Y satellite Taiwan isolate TW3

FJ389724 Y satellite, Taiwan clone TW3Y 02

Banana bunchy top S4 alphasatellite (BBTS4A)

EU430730 Complete sequence, Vietnam isolate

Banana bunchy top Haikou alphasatellite (BBTHA)

HQ616080 Complete sequence, Chinese isolate Haikou 2

Banana bunchy top Taiwan alphasatellite (BBTTA)

L32166 Y1 satellite ""component I"", Wu et al., 1994

U02312 Y1 satellite ""component 2"", Yeh et al., 1994

Coconut foliar decay alphasatellite (CFDA)

M29963 Complete sequence, Rohde et al., 1990

Subterranean clover stunt C2 alphasatellite (SCSC2A)

U16731 Complete sequence (was DNA2), strain F

Subterranean clover stunt C6 alphasatellite (SCSC6A)

U16735 Complete sequence (was DNA6), strain F

Faba bean necrotic yellows C1 alphasatellite (FBNYC1A)

X80879 Complete sequence (was DNA1), isolate SV292-88