Curated Sequences of Tombusvirus

Type Member: Tomato bushy stunt virus

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Lato river virus (LRV)

None reported

Unnamed Digitaria tombusvirus

None reported

Tomato bushy stunt virus (TBSV)

AB244054 Coat protein, Japanese lisianthus isolate Shiz-1

AB244055 Coat protein, Japanese lisianthus isolate Nag-4

AF038044 Defective interfering RNA, isolate P DI-5

AF241533 Defective interfering RNA, isolate P DI-4

AJ249740 Complete sequence, statice isolate

AJ271328 Coat protein, Italian BS3 isolate

AJ288917 3'-end including ORF4, isolate L3

AJ288923 3'-end including ORF4, isolate L8A

AJ288924 3'-end including ORF4, isolate L8B

AJ288925 3'-end including ORF4, isolate L8C

AJ288926 ORF4, isolate To1

AJ288940 3'-end including ORF4, isolate To4A

AJ288941 3'-end including ORF4, isolate To4B

AJ288942 3'-end including ORF4, isolate To4C

AJ288943 3'-end including ORF4, isolate T1

AJ288945 3'-end including ORF4, isolate EP1

AJ312281 Coat protein, Greek glauca isolate

AY579432 Complete sequence, Japanese nipplefruit isolate

GQ206144 5'-half of genome including polymerase, Egyptian isolate EghTBSV

GQ206145 ORF4, Egyptian isolate EghP19

GQ206146 ORF4, Egyptian isolate Egh2P19

JX418297 Movement protein and ORF4, isolate Egh

M18056 Defective interfering RNA, 396nt

M21958 Complete sequence, cherry strain

M59041 Defective interfering RNA, 591nt

M59042 Defective interfering RNA, 546nt

M59043 Defective interfering RNA, 591nt

M59044 Defective interfering RNA, 595nt

M59045 Defective interfering RNA, 599nt

M59046 Defective interfering RNA, 594nt

M59047 Defective interfering RNA, 620nt

M59048 Defective interfering RNA, 578nt

M59049 Defective interfering RNA, 583nt

M59050 Defective interfering RNA, 592nt

U80935 Complete sequence, pepper strain

Z68895 3'-end including movement protein and ORF4, isolate BS3

Z68896 3'-end including movement protein and ORF4, isolate A23

Z68897 3'-end including movement protein and ORF4, isolate B8

Z68898 3'-end including movement protein and ORF4, isolate JA9

Z68899 3'-end including movement protein and ORF4, type isolate

Z68901 3'-end including movement protein and ORF4, isolate JA6

Grapevine Algerian latent virus (GALV)

AB461854 Coat protein, Japanese isolate Limo-08

AF540885 Coat protein, Italian Apulia isolate

AY500878 Coat protein almost complete, isolate WaterDoss

AY500880 Coat protein almost complete, isolate Gyp2

AY500883 Coat protein almost complete, isolate Lim 3

AY500884 Coat protein, isolate Lim 4

AY500888 Coat protein almost complete, Schunter River isolate

AY830918 Complete sequence, nipplefruit strain

Pelargonium leaf curl virus (PLCV)

AF290026 Coat protein

EF532328 Coat protein, Iranian strain G

EU161631 Coat protein, Iranian strain G (second sequence, almost identitical to ef532328)

HM461992 Coat protein, Iranian isolate

JN871217 Coat protein, Iranian isolate PLCV-A

JN871218 Coat protein, Iranian isolate PLCV-D

JN871219 Coat protein, Iranian isolate PLCV-T

Moroccan pepper virus (MPV)

AF540886 Coat protein, Italian Apulia isolate

EU277780 Coat protein, Iranian isolate S

HQ663881 Coat protein, Iranian Eustoma isolate

JN871220 Coat protein, Iranian isolate MPV-G

JX182425 Complete sequence, Moroccan isolate MPV-EM81

JX197070 Complete sequence, German isolate MPV-PG83

JX197071 Complete sequence, Moroccan isolate MPV-PM75

Lettuce necrotic stunt virus (LNSV)

AJ288915 3'-end including ORF4, isolate L1

AJ288916 3'-end including ORF4, isolate L2

AJ288918 3'-end including ORF4, isolate L4

AJ288928 3'-end including ORF4, isolate To2

AJ288929 3'-end including ORF4, isolate To3A

AJ288930 3'-end including ORF4, isolate To3B

AJ288931 3'-end including ORF4, isolate To3C

AJ288932 3'-end including ORF4, isolate To3D

AJ288933 3'-end including ORF4, isolate To3E

AJ288934 3'-end including ORF4, isolate To3F

AJ288935 3'-end including ORF4, isolate To3G

AJ288936 3'-end including ORF4, isolate To3J

AJ288937 3'-end including ORF4, isolate To3K

AJ288938 3'-end including ORF4, isolate To3L

AJ288939 3'-end including ORF4, isolate To3M

AJ288944 3'-end including ORF4, isolate SB1

DQ238848 Movement protein and ORF4, isolate L2

JN700748 Complete sequence, Californian isolate L2

Cucumber necrosis virus (CuNV)

AJ288919 3'-end including ORF4, isolate L4

AJ288920 3'-end including ORF4, isolate L5

AJ288921 3'-end including ORF4, isolate L6

AJ288922 3'-end including ORF4, isolate L7

AJ288927 3'-end including ORF4, isolate To1

M25270 Complete sequence

S64508 Defective interfering RNA, isolate DI15

U16698 Defective interfering RNA, isolate C1

U16699 Defective interfering RNA, isolate C12

U16700 Defective interfering RNA, isolate C2

U16701 Defective interfering RNA, isolate C39

U16702 Defective interfering RNA, isolate C40

U16703 Defective interfering RNA, isolate C46

U16704 Defective interfering RNA, isolate C61

U16705 Defective interfering RNA, isolate C62

U16706 Defective interfering RNA, isolate C66

Pelargonium necrotic spot virus (PNSV)

AJ607402 Complete sequence

Neckar River virus (NRV)

None reported

Sitke waterborne virus (SWBV)

AJ607404 Coat protein

AY500886 Coat protein, isolate Lim 6

AY500889 Coat protein, isolate Eckbach

Eggplant mottled crinkle virus (EMCV)

AM711119 Complete sequence, Lisianthus necrosis virus Zantedeschia jucunda isolate

AY100482 Complete sequence, Italian pear latent isolate

AY236435 Coat protein, Peruvian cocona isolate

AY500890 Coat protein, isolate Lim 1

DQ011234 Complete sequence, Lisianthus necrosis virus Taiwan isolate L

DQ090837 5'-end including polymerase

DQ523229 Coat protein, Lisianthus necrosis virus Taiwan Zantedeschia isolate

EF140907 Coat protein, Iranian geranium isolate

EU327529 Coat protein, Iranian strain S isolate

FJ872112 Coat protein, Israel isolate

FJ977166 Polymerase, Israeli isolate

Cucumber Bulgarian virus (CBLV)

AY163842 Complete sequence

Havel River virus (HRV)

AY370534 Coat protein, strain H

AY370535 3'-end including coat protein, movement protein and ORF4, strain S

Carnation Italian ringspot virus (CIRV)

AY500879 Coat protein, isolate Gyp1

EU684163 Coat protein, Italian Limonium sinuatum isolate

GQ259476 Complete sequence, isolate Gyp1

GQ259477 Complete sequence, isolate K483

GQ259478 Complete sequence, isolate OE11

GQ259479 Complete sequence, isolate OE14

GQ259480 Complete sequence, isolate RSG

X85215 Complete sequence

Petunia asteroid mosaic virus (PetAMV)

AY500881 Coat protein, isolate Lim 1

Limonium flower distortion virus (LFDV)

AY500882 Coat protein, isolate Lim 2

Cymbidium ringspot virus (CymRSV)

AY500885 Coat protein possibly incomplete, isolate Lim 5

D00719 Defective interfering RNA, 499nt

S43932 Defective interfering RNA DI-371, 477nt

X15511 Complete sequence

Artichoke mottled crinkle virus (AMCV)

X51456 3'-end including coat protein and two other ORFs, Grieco & Gallitelli, 1990

X62493 Complete sequence