Curated Sequences of Tymovirus

Type Member: Turnip yellow mosaic virus

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Melon rugose mosaic virus (MRMV)

None reported

Peanut yellow mosaic virus (PeYMV)

None reported

Voandzeia necrotic mosaic virus (VNMV)

None reported

Turnip yellow mosaic virus (TYMV)

AB358971 Coat protein, Japanese isolate A-2

AB358972 Coat protein, Japanese isolate B-3

AF035403 Complete sequence, Blue Lake isolate

AF035635 3'-end including coat protein, Rothamsted isolate

AF035636 3'-end including coat protein, cauliflower isolate

AY673642 Coat protein, UK isolate Dorset 17

J04373 Complete sequence, Club Lake isolate

U88845 3'-end including coat protein, D5 isolate

U88846 3'-end including coat protein, F39 isolate

U88847 3'-end including coat protein, F41 isolate

U88848 3'-end including coat protein, N37 isolate

U88849 3'-end including coat protein, P1 isolate

U88850 3'-end including coat protein, Q18 isolate

X07441 Complete sequence, Morch et al., 1988

X16378 Complete sequence, Dreher & Bransom, 1992

Tomato blistering mosaic virus

AB627084 3'-end including coat protein, Brazilian isolate

Kennedya yellow mosaic virus (KYMV)

AF035198 3'-end including coat protein, Port Douglas strain

AF035199 3'-end including coat protein, Bawley Point strain

D00637 Complete sequence, Jervis Bay isolate

Clitoria yellow vein virus (CYVV)

AF035200 3'-end including coat protein

Desmodium yellow mottle virus (DYMoV)

AF035201 3'-end including coat protein

Okra mosaic virus (OkMV)

AF035202 3'-end including coat protein

EF554577 Complete sequence, Nigerian isolate PV-0264

Andean potato latent virus (APLV)

AF035402 3'-end including partial replicase and coat protein

JX508291 Complete sequence, Colombian isolate Col

JX982324 Coat protein, isolate Bo-15

JX982325 Coat protein, isolate Bo-14

JX982326 Coat protein, isolate Caj

JX982327 Coat protein, isolate Col-4

JX982328 Coat protein, isolate Col-5

JX982329 Coat protein, isolate Col-2

JX982330 Coat protein, isolate Col-3

JX982331 Coat protein, isolate Col

JX982332 Coat protein, isolate Ec-1

JX982333 Coat protein, isolate Ay

JX982334 Coat protein, isolate Hu

Wild cucumber mosaic virus (WCMV)

AF035633 3'-end including partial replicase and coat protein

Dulcamara mottle virus (DuMV)

AF035634 3'-end including coat protein

AY789137 Complete sequence

Erysimum latent virus (ErLV)

AF098523 Complete sequence

Chayote mosaic virus (ChaMV)

AF195000 Complete sequence

Petunia vein banding virus (PetVBV)

AF210709 3'-end including coat protein

Passion fruit yellow mosaic virus (PFYMV)

AF467107 3'-end including coat protein, Colombian isolate

Eggplant mosaic virus (EMV)

AY014402 Coat protein, Peperomia strain

J04374 Complete sequence

Scrophularia mottle virus (ScrMV)

AY751777 Complete sequence

Nemesia ring necrosis virus (NeRNV)

AY751778 Complete sequence, Nemesia isolate

AY751781 Coat protein, Diascia isolate

EU684141 Complete sequence, US Diascia yellow mottle virus isolate OR

EU684142 3'-end including coat protein, US isolate WA

Plantago mottle virus (PlMoV)

AY751779 Complete sequence

Anagyris vein yellowing virus (AVYV)

AY751780 Complete sequence

Tomato yellow blotch virus

EU779803 Complete sequence, Minnesota strain

Mertensia leaf curl virus

FJ713509 Coat protein, isolate HP25

FJ713510 Coat protein, isolate HP26

FJ713511 Coat protein, isolate HP27

FJ713512 Coat protein, isolate HP31

FJ713513 Coat protein, isolate HP32

FJ713514 Coat protein, isolate HP35

FJ713515 Coat protein, isolate LM8

FJ713516 Coat protein, isolate LM9

FJ713517 Coat protein, isolate LM10

FJ713518 Coat protein, isolate LM14

FJ713519 Coat protein, isolate LM15

FJ713520 Coat protein, isolate NTR2

FJ713521 Coat protein, isolate NTR3

FJ713522 Coat protein, isolate NTR5

FJ713523 Coat protein, isolate NTR6

FJ713524 RdRp domain and coat protein, US isolate NTR8

FJ713525 Coat protein, isolate NTR9

FJ713526 Coat protein, isolate NTR11

FJ713527 Coat protein, isolate NTR12

FJ713528 Coat protein, isolate NTR13

FJ713529 Coat protein, isolate NTR14

FJ713530 Coat protein, isolate STR1

FJ713531 Coat protein, isolate STR3

FJ713532 Coat protein, isolate STR4

FJ713533 Coat protein, isolate STR5

FJ713534 Coat protein, isolate STR7

FJ713535 Coat protein, isolate STR8

FJ713536 Coat protein, isolate STR10

FJ713537 Coat protein, isolate STR11

FJ713538 Coat protein, isolate STR12

FJ713539 Coat protein, isolate STR27

FJ713540 Coat protein, isolate STR28

Chiltepin yellow mosaic virus (ChiYMV)

FN563123 Complete sequence, Mexican isolate 20.5

FN563124 Complete sequence, Mexican isolate 20.8

Asclepias asymptomatic virus

HQ425778 Complete sequence, US isolate

Ononis yellow mosaic virus (OYMV)

J04375 Complete sequence

Cassia yellow mosaic-associated virus

JN545837 Partial polymerase and coat protein, Brazilian isolate TC1

Watercress white vein virus

JN808774 Possibly complete coat protein, Spanish isolate

JQ001816 Complete sequence, Spanish isolate 20903772

Andean potato mild mottle virus

JX508290 Complete sequence, Peruvian isolate Hu

Physalis mottle virus (PhyMV)

S97776 3'-end including coat protein, Iowa isolate

Y16104 Complete sequence

Calopogonium yellow vein virus (CalYVV)

U91413 3'-end including coat protein

Cacao yellow mosaic virus (CYMV)

X54354 3'-end including coat protein

Belladonna mottle virus (BeMV)

X54529 Coat protein