Curated Sequences of Umbravirus

Type Member: Carrot mottle virus

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Lettuce speckles mottle virus (LSMV)

None reported

Sunflower crinkle virus (SuCV)

None reported

Sunflower yellow blotch virus (SuYBV)

None reported

Tobacco yellow vein virus (TYVV)

None reported

Unnamed fig umbravirus

None reported

Groundnut rosette virus (GRV)

AF202858 ORF3, Malawi isolate clone M12G3

AF202859 ORF3, Malawi isolate clone M14G3

AF202860 ORF3, Malawi isolate clone M16G3

AF202861 ORF3, Malawi isolate clone M17G3

AF202862 ORF3, Nigerian isolate clone N15G3

AF202863 ORF3, Nigerian isolate clone N17G3

AF202864 ORF3, Nigerian isolate clone N19G3

AF202865 ORF3, Nigerian isolate clone N27G3

Z69910 Complete sequence, isolate MC1

Tobacco bushy top virus (TBTV)

AF402620 Complete sequence, Chinese Baoshan isolate

AJ874692 5'-end including replication protein ORF1, isolate Yxi

FM242699 Complete sequence, Chinese isolate YLLi

FM242700 Complete sequence, Chinese isolate YWDu

FN256356 Complete sequence, Chinese isolate YWSh

FN597051 Complete sequence, Chinese isolate YYXi

Tobacco mottle virus (TMoV)

AY007231 3'-end including partial replicase and movement proteins

Pea enation mosaic virus-2 (PEMV-2)

AY007257 ORF3, LAN isolate

AY714213 Complete sequence, UK isolate

JF713435 Almost complete sequence (lacking 5'-UTR), isolate WA

JF713436 Complete sequence, isolate ID

U03563 Complete sequence, Demler et al.

Opium poppy mosaic virus

EU151723 Most of coding sequence, New Zealand isolate

Carrot mottle mimic virus (CMoMV)

FJ188471 Complete coding sequence, Californian isolate

FJ188472 Complete coding sequence, German Bingenheim isolate

U57305 Complete sequence, Australian isolate

Carrot mottle virus (CMoV)

FJ188473 Complete sequence, German Weddel isolate