Curated Sequences of Unassigned Nodaviridae

Type Member:

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Macrobrachium rosenbergii nodavirus (MrNV)

AY222839 RNA1

AY222840 RNA2

Wuhan nodavirus (WhNV)

AY962576 RNA1

DQ233638 RNA2

Penaeus vannamei nodavirus (PvNV)

EF137180 RNA2, Belize isolate

HQ259079 RNA1, Belize isolate

Drosophila melanogaster American nodavirus

GQ342965 RNA1, USA isolate

GQ342966 RNA2, USA isolate

Santeuil nodavirus

HM030972 RNA1, French isolate JU1264

HM030973 RNA2, French isolate JU1264

Le Blanc nodavirus

JQ943579 RNA1, French strain JU1498

JQ943580 RNA2, French strain JU1498