Curated Sequences of Unassigned Partitiviridae

Type Member:

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Discula destructiva virus 3

None reported

Mulberry cryptic virus 1

None reported

Nectria radicicola virus L1

None reported

Pittosporum cryptic virus-1

None reported

Flammulina velutipes isometric virus

AB428575 RNA1

Flammulina velutipes browning virus

AB465308 RNA1

AB465309 RNA2

Blueberry latent virus

AB608991 Complete sequence, Japanese Iwate isolate

EF442779 Complete sequence, US Oregon isolate Bluecrop-1

HM029246 Complete sequence, US isolate MI-1

HM029247 Complete sequence, US isolate MI-2

HM029248 Complete sequence, US isolate AR

Chondrostereum purpureum cryptic virus 1

AM999771 RNA1, Canadian isolate

AM999772 RNA2, Canadian isolate

Raphanus sativus cryptic virus 1

AY949985 RNA1, Chinese isolate

DQ181926 RNA2, Chinese isolate

DQ181927 RNA3 perhaps, Chinese isolate (labelled dsRNA6)

EU285027 RNA3, Chinese isolate RasR6

Primula malacoides China virus

EU195326 RNA1

EU195327 RNA2

Heterobasidion RNA virus 3

FJ816271 RNA1, Chinese isolate 5166

FJ816272 RNA2, Chinese isolate 5166

Fig cryptic virus

FR687854 RNA1, isolate BN13

FR687855 RNA2, isolate BN13

Sclerotinia sclerotiorum partitivirus S

GQ280377 RNA1, Chinese isolate

GQ280378 RNA2, Chinese isolate

Persimmon cryptic virus

HE805113 RNA1, Italian isolate SSPI

HE805114 RNA2, Italian isolate SSPI

Heterobasidion RNA virus 2

HM565953 RNA1, Finnish isolate pa1

HM565954 RNA2, Finnish isolate pa1

Heterobasidion RNA virus 1

HQ541323 RNA1, Greek isolate ab1

HQ541324 RNA2, Greek isolate ab1

HQ541328 RNA1, Bhutan isolate au1

HQ541329 RNA1, Bhutan isolate pa1

HQ541330 RNA1, US isolate oc1

HQ541332 RNA1, Polish isolate an1

Heterobasidion RNA virus 4

HQ541325 RNA1, Finnish isolate pa1

Heterobasidion RNA virus 5

HQ541326 RNA1, Chinese isolate pa1

Pepper cryptic virus 2

JN117278 RNA1, US isolate HW-01

JN117279 RNA1, US isolate HW-02

Cannabis cryptic virus

JN196536 RNA1, German isolate Fedora 17

JN196537 RNA2, German isolate Fedora 17

Heterobasidion RNA virus 7

JN606090 RNA2, Finnish isolate pa1

JN606091 RNA1, Finnish isolate pa1

Diuris pendunculata cryptic virus

JX156424 RNA1, Australian isolate SW3.3

JX891460 RNA2, Australian isolate SW3.3

Heterobasidion RNA virus 8

JX625227 RNA1, Italian isolate pa1

JX625228 RNA2, Italian isolate pa1

Crimson clover cryptic virus 2

JX971982 RNA1, German isolate IPP_IncarnatSK

JX971983 RNA2, German isolate IPP_IncarnatSK

Dill cryptic virus 2

JX971984 RNA1, German isolate IPP_hortorum

JX971985 RNA2, German isolate IPP_hortorum

Citrullus lanatus cryptic virus

KC429582 RNA1, Israeli isolate

KC429583 RNA2, Israeli isolate