Curated Sequences of Unassigned Totiviridae

Type Member:

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Debaryomyces hansenii virus JB-2008

None reported

Ribes virus F

None reported

Unnamed blackcurrant Totiviridae

None reported

Eimeria brunetti RNA virus 1 (Eb-RV1)

AF356189 Complete sequence

Phlebiopsis gigantea mycovirus dsRNA 1

AM111096 Complete sequence, UK isolate TW2

Phlebiopsis gigantea mycovirus dsRNA 2

AM111097 Substantial (8.7 kb) sequence including partial ORF1 and complete polymyerase genes, UK isolate TW2

Infectious myonecrosis virus

AY570982 Complete sequence, Brazilian isolate

Armigeres subalbatus virus SaX06-AK20

EU715328 Complete sequence, Chinese Shaanxi province isolate

Drosophila melanogaster totivirus

GQ342961 Complete sequence, isolate DTV

Aspergillus foetidus slow virus 1

HE588147 RNA4

Piscine myocarditis virus

HQ339954 Complete sequence, Norwegian isolate AL V-708

Tianjin totivirus

JN391187 Complete sequence, Chinese isolate