Curated Sequences of Victorivirus

Type Member: Helminthosporium victoriae virus 190S

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Helicobasidium mompa totivirus 1-17 (HmTV1-17)

AB085814 Complete sequence

AB085815 Satellite or small segment sequence

Magnaporthe oryzae virus 1 (MoV-1)

AB176964 Complete sequence

Magnaporthe oryzae virus 2

AB300379 Complete sequence

Rosellinia necatrix victorivirus 1

AB698489 5'-end including most of coat protein, strain W1028/S1

AB698490 3'-end including most of polymerase, strain W1028/S1

Sphaeropsis sapinea RNA virus 1 (SsRV1)

AF038665 Complete sequence

Sphaeropsis sapinea RNA virus 2 (SsRV2)

AF039080 Complete sequence

Gremmeniella abietina RNA virus L1 (GaRV-L)

AF337175 Complete sequence, type A, HR2

AY615210 Complete sequence, L2 isolate SurS4

Coniothyrium minitans RNA virus (CmRV)

AF527633 Complete sequence

Epichloe festucae virus 1 (EfV1)

AM261427 Complete sequence, Spanish strain P23

Botryotinia fuckeliana totivirus 1

AM491608 Complete sequence

Chalara elegans RNA virus 1 (CeRV1)

AY561500 Complete sequence

Tolypocladium cylindrosporum virus 1

FR750562 Complete sequence, Spanish isolate

Tolypocladium cylindrosporum virus 2

FR750563 Complete sequence, Spanish isolate

Beauveria bassiana RNA virus 1

HE572591 Complete sequence, Spanish isolate Bb06/02

Helminthosporium victoriae virus 190S (HvV190S)

U41345 Complete sequence