All Known Sequences of Rubulavirus

Type member: Mumps virus

Human parainfluenza virus 4 (HPIV-4) - Rubulavirus

None reported

Mumps virus (MuV) - Rubulavirus

  • AB040874 Mumps virus genomic RNA, complete genome.
  • AF201473 Mumps virus, complete genome.

Parainfluenza virus 5 (PIV-5) - Rubulavirus

  • AF052755 Simian parainfluenza virus 5 nucleocapsid protein (NP), V protein and phosphoprotein (V/P), membrane protein (M), fusion protein (F), small hydrophobic protein (SH), hemagglutinin-neuraminidase protein (HN), and L protein (L) genes, complete cds.

Tioman virus (TIOV) - Rubulavirus

  • AF298895 Tioman virus, complete genome.

Menangle virus (MENV) - Rubulavirus

  • AF326114 Menangle virus, complete genome.

Porcine rubulavirus (PoRV) - Rubulavirus

  • BK005918 Porcine rubulavirus, complete genome

Mapuera virus (MPRV) - Rubulavirus

  • EF095490 Mapuera virus isolate BeAnn 370284 from Brazil, complete genome.

Tuhoko virus 1 - Rubulavirus

  • GU128080 Tuhoko virus 1, complete genome.

Tuhoko virus 2 - Rubulavirus

  • GU128081 Tuhoko virus 2, complete genome.

Tuhoko virus 3 - Rubulavirus

  • GU128082 Tuhoko virus 3, complete genome.

Achimota virus 1 - Rubulavirus

  • JX051319 Achimota virus 1, complete genome.

Achimota virus 2 - Rubulavirus

  • JX051320 Achimota virus 2, complete genome.

Human parainfluenza virus 2 (HPIV-2) - Rubulavirus

  • X57559 Parainfluenza type 2 virus NP, P, M, F, HM and L genes for nucleocapsid protein, phospho-protein, matrix protein, fusion protein, hemagglutinin-neuramidase and Large protein respectively

Simian virus 41 (SV-41) - Rubulavirus

  • X64275 Simian parainfluenza virus 41 NP, P-V, M, F, HN and L genes, genomic RNA