Curated Sequences of Rubulavirus

Type Member: Mumps virus

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Human parainfluenza virus 4 (HPIV-4)

None reported

Mumps virus (MuV)

AB040874 Complete sequence, Miyahara strain

AF201473 Complete sequence, strain Jeryl Lynn

Parainfluenza virus 5 (PIV-5)

AF052755 Complete sequence, strain W3A

Tioman virus (TIOV)

AF298895 Complete sequence

Menangle virus (MENV)

AF326114 Complete sequence, Australian isolate

Porcine rubulavirus (PoRV)

BK005918 Complete sequence, Mexican strain LPMV

Mapuera virus (MPRV)

EF095490 Complete sequnece, Brazilian isolate BeAnn 370284

Tuhoko virus 1

GU128080 Complete sequence, Chinese isolate

Tuhoko virus 2

GU128081 Complete sequence, Chinese isolate

Tuhoko virus 3

GU128082 Complete sequence, Chinese isolate

Achimota virus 1

JX051319 Complete sequence, Ghanaian isolate

Achimota virus 2

JX051320 Complete sequence, Ghanaian isolate

Human parainfluenza virus 2 (HPIV-2)

X57559 Complete sequence

Simian virus 41 (SV-41)

X64275 Complete sequence, Toshiba/Chanock isolate