Curated Sequences of Unassigned Paramyxoviridae

Type Member:

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Pacific salmon paramyxovirus (PsaPV)

None reported

Tupaia paramyxovirus (TuPV)

AF079780 Complete sequence

Mossman virus (MosPV)

AY286409 Complete sequence, Australian isolate

J-virus (JPV)

AY900001 Complete sequence, Australian isolate

Beilong virus (BeiPV)

DQ100461 Complete sequence

Nariva virus (NarPV)

FJ362497 Complete sequence, Trinidad and Tobago isolate

Sunshine virus

JN192445 Complete sequence, Australian isolate

Tailam virus

JN689227 Complete sequence, Hong Kong strain TL9K

Salem virus (SaPV)

JQ697837 Complete sequence, US isolate