Notes on Genus: Lambdatorquevirus


Type member: Torque teno zalophus virus 1


General Description

This is one of the genera in the family Anelloviridae and contains viruses infecting the Californian sea lion. The genus name is partly derived from the latin torques, for necklace which reflects the circular nature of the genome.


Virions isometric (icosahedral), not enveloped, 19-27 nm in diameter.


Monopartite circular single-stranded DNA of about 2.1 kb.

Genus Genomic Organization

There are two major overlapping ORFs encoding a replication-associated protein and a (larger) coat protein. A third ORF may be expressed separately (or perhaps with ORF1 by splicing of an intron).

Type Member Genomic Organization

There are two major overlapping ORFs: the largest (ORF1) encodes a 56 kDa coat protein and the other (ORF2) a 15 kDa replication-associated protein. There is also a putative ORF3 of 18 kDa (function unknown).