Notes on Family: Anelloviridae



General Description

This family has been created to include viruses previously classified in the genus Anellovirus, but which has proved very diverse. It contains viruses infecting vertebrates which have a circular single stranded DNA genome usually larger than 2.5kb. The name is derived from the latin for 'ring' to reflect the circular nature of the genome. There are some similarities to viruses with a smaller genome that are classified in the genus Gyrovirus.


Virions isometric (icosahedral), not enveloped, 19-27 nm in diameter.


Monopartite, circular, positive sense, single-stranded DNA of 2.1-3.9 kb with two major overlapping ORFs encoding a replication protein and the coat protein. Additional ORFs are present in some species.

Genera in the Family

Genera are demarcated on genome size and phylogenetic analyses. There may also be some association with host: