Curated Sequences of Nairovirus

Type Member: Dugbe virus

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Dera Ghazi Khan virus (DGKV)

None reported

Hughes virus (HUGV)

None reported

Qalyub virus (QYBV)

None reported

Sakhalin virus (SAKV)

None reported

Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus (CCHV)

AF467768 M component, strain IbAr10200

AY389508 L component, strain IbAr10200

U88410 S component, strain IbAr10200

Kupe virus

EU257626 S component, Kenyan isolate K611

EU257627 M component, Kenyan isolate K611

EU257628 L component, Kenyan isolate K611

Thiafora virus (TFAV)

JF911697 L component, Erve virus isolate

JF911698 M component, Erve virus isolate

JF911699 S component, Erve virus isolate

Dugbe virus (DUGV)

M25150 S component

M94133 M component

U15018 L component