Curated Sequences of Phlebovirus

Type Member: Rift Valley fever virus

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Ambe virus (AMBEV)

None reported

Anhanga virus (ANHV)

None reported

Arboledas virus (ADSV)

None reported

Ariquemes virus (ARQV)

None reported

Caimito virus (CAIV)

None reported

Chilibre virus (CHIV)

None reported

Corfou virus (CFUV)

None reported

Escharte virus (ESCV)

None reported

Frijoles virus (FRIV)

None reported

Gabek Forest virus (GFV)

None reported

Gordil virus (GORV)

None reported

Itaporanga virus (ITPV)

None reported

Ixcanal virus (IXCV)

None reported

Mariquita viurs (MRQV)

None reported

Morolillo virus (MOLV)

None reported

Morumbi virus (MRBV)

None reported

Mucura virus (MRAV)

None reported

Pacui virus (PACV)

None reported

Punta Toro virus (PTV)

None reported

Rio Grande virus (RGV)

None reported

Saint-Floris virus (SAFV)

None reported

Sandfly fever Sicilian virus (SFSV)

None reported

Serra Norte virus (SRNV)

None reported

Tapara virus (TAPV)

None reported

Urucuri virus (URUV)

None reported

Uukuniemi virus (UUKV)

D10759 L component

M17417 M component

M33551 S component

Massilia virus

EU725771 L component, French strain W

EU725772 M component, French strain W

EU725773 S component, French strain W

Candiru virus (CDUV)

HM119407 L component, Brazilian isolate

HM119408 M component, Brazilian isolate

HM119409 S component, Brazilian isolate

Aguacate virus (AGUV)

HM566137 M component, isolate VP-175A

HM566138 L component, isolate VP-175A

HM566139 S component, isolate VP-175A

Arumowot virus (AMTV)

HM566143 M component, Spanish isolate

HM566144 L component, Spanish isolate

HM566145 S component, Spanish isolate

Chagres virus (CHGV)

HM566146 M component

HM566147 L component

HM566148 S component

Durania virus (DURV)

HM566155 L component, strain CoAr 171162

HM566156 S component, strain CoAr 171162

HM566157 M component, strain CoAr 171162

Bujaru virus (BUJV)

HM566164 L component, Munguba virus isolate

HM566165 M component, Munguba virus isolate

HM566166 S component, Munguba virus isolate

Odrenisrou virus (ODRV)

HM566173 M component

HM566174 L component

HM566175 S component

Uriurana virus (URIV)

HM566188 M component

HM566189 L component

HM566190 S component

Salobo virus (SBOV)

HM627183 M component

HM627184 S component

HM627185 L component

Severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome virus

HM745930 L component, Chinese strain HB29

HM745931 M component, Chinese strain HB29

HM745932 S component, Chinese strain HB29

Armero virus (ARMV)

HQ661805 L component, strain CoAr 170396

HQ661806 M component, strain CoAr 170396

HQ661807 S component, strain CoAr 170396

Unnamed Jiangsu phlebovirus

HQ830169 L component, isolate JS6

HQ830170 M component, isolate JS6

HQ830171 S component, isolate JS6

Punique virus

JF920133 L component, strain PI-B4-2008

JF920134 M component, strain PI-B4-2008

JF920135 S component, strain PI-B4-2008

Saint Floris virus

JF920136 L component, strain Dak ANB 512

JF920137 M component, strain Dak ANB 512

JF920138 S component, strain Dak ANB 512

Naples virus

JF939843 L component, strain Sabin

JF939844 M component, strain Sabin

JF939845 S component, strain Sabin

Unnamed Chinese phlebovirus

JQ341188 L component, isolate WCH/97/HN/China/2011

JQ341189 M component, isolate WCH/97/HN/China/2011

JQ341190 S component, isolate WCH/97/HN/China/2011

Bhanja virus (BHAV)

JQ956376 L component, strain M3811

JQ956377 M component, strain M3811

JQ956378 S component, strain M3811

Heartland virus

JX005842 S component, Patient1

JX005844 M component, Patient1

JX005846 L component, Patient1

Salehabad virus (SALV)

JX472403 L component, Iranian strain I-81

JX472404 M component coding sequence, Iranian strain I-81

JX472405 S component most of coding sequence, Iranian strain I-81

Rift Valley fever virus (RVFV)

M11157 M component

X53771 S component

X56464 L component

Sandfly fever Naples virus (SFNV)

X53794 S component, Toscana virus strain

X68414 L component, Toscana virus strain

X89628 M component, Toscana virus strain